9 Cool Features in LearningCart

1. If it's blue in the admin interface,
it's clickable!

This may be a no-brainer with buttons and navigation menu links. But have you tried it to sort a table of information?

Or how about clicking into the month on your calendar to reveal a dropdown?

2. You can change system text
through your resource file.

Let's say you want to change the title of a dashboard tile.

Simply navigate to your configuration window from the admin interface and select 'Resource File'. Locate the tile you want to change and click 'Edit'. Voila!

BONUS: Check out the 'Internal Values' section of the configuration tab to change values LearningCart uses for things like your store name reported to Google or the subject on your order emails.  If you are an advanced user you can even modify some of the html formatting used in key places throughout the system. 

You can find more information on the resource file here.

3. You can template a section
to reuse in the Content Builder.

This is great for teams that want to maintain a cohesive look and feel no matter who is creating web pages. Or if you want to create an Instructor Profile page template to showcase your outstanding team. Check out the video tutorial for a full walkthrough.

You can find more information on our Content Builder features here.

4. You can socialize
with custom badges.

We have a badge system that allows the learner to earn a badge at the course or content item level and then share their skills on social media!

You can find more information on badges here.

5. You can
impersonate a user.

See what the customer or instructor sees on their account dashboard by navigating to their account in the admin interface and selecting 'Impersonate'.

You will be redirected to their dashboard and will be acting as their account.

This is a great feature for troubleshooting with a customer who is stuck in an online course, has a technical question, etc. You can find more information on managing users here.

6. You can set a
group as inheritable.

When a customer is a part of a group that has been marked as 'inheritable', any learner who receives course access from that customer through a registration code will automatically be added to their group.

If you are not using groups in LearningCart, you are missing out! With access to a group, a user can receive special pricing and access to specific courses. You can find more information on our group features here.

7. You can set up automatic
email notifications.

Drive sales by sending an 'abandoned shopping cart' reminder email. Or perhaps it's time for a completion expiration reminder email for recertification. Or a notification to your instructor that a new learner has registered for their class. Whatever the use case may be, we have a robust list of email notification triggers for you to choose from with system variables that keep things automated and relevant.

You can find more information on our email notification features here.

8. You can dynamically
generate custom certificates.

Need a different certificate for each course you offer? No problem. User changes their name? No problem. Certificates are dynamically generated when user's request them. Our system works with Word to incorporate custom variables for certification templates which allows the system to generate a completion certificate automatically with all of the pertinent information.

You can find more information on our certificate features here.

9. You can make it a game!

Gamification is an industry classic and we are here for it. In LearningCart, you can enable Leaderboards that show based on group affiliation.

Students can earn points by logging in, taking a course, commenting on a blog, etc.

You can find more information on our gamification features here.

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