Gamification Features

LearningCart includes several Gamification related features including the option to assign points to activities such as logging in, completion of courses and quizzes. It also includes a Leaderboard display for users.

To access these features, Gamification must be enabled. Update the Gamification field to Yes in Site Settings.

To create messages to be displayed to users for achieving specific levels of points, add messages using Manage Point Messages

To assign points to the activity of logging in, add the number of points for each daily login to theLogin Points field in Site Settings

To assign points for completion of Course Content - update the Points field using the Manage Learning Content page.

To assign points for completion of Quizzes - update the Points field using the Manage Quizzes page.

To implement a Leaderboard display and custom points messages be sure the Gamification feature is selected.

You must also check the "Group" highscore board for the groups that will view a Leaderboard. (including the default group)

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