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LearningCart lets you control email notifications that are sent to your users after certain events occur. These notifications are based on a series of triggers (such as a user completing training) and you can specify if you want them to be sent immediately or specific period of time after the trigger has occurred.  This feature can be accessed via the Email Notifications link under the Manage Users section of the left hand admin navigation menu.  When visiting this page you will notice you can create new notifications via the Add Email button in the top right hand corner or you can edit or delete existing notifications in the Current Emails table. 

The current triggers that are available are:

  • Course Completion
    When a user has completed all the required items in a course
  • Course Completion (Manager)
    When a user has completed all the required items in a course, the manager of the user will be notified.
  • Course Completion Expiration
    Based on when a users course completion expires
  • Course Not Completed
    Occurs when a user has access to a course but it has not yet been completed
  • Course Not Started
    Occurs when a user has access to a course but has not yet started it
  • Learning Content Completion
    Occurs when a user completes a specific piece of learning content
  • Product Expiration
    The date when a customer's access to a product/training expires
  • New Order
    Occurs when an order is placed
  • Abandoned Order
    Occurs when a user goes to the payment page and does not complete an order within one day
  • Unused Registration Codes
    Occurs when a user has not used all of their registration codes
  • New User Registration
    Occurs when a customer account is created or a customer signs up
  • User Not Logged In
    Occurs when a user has not logged in after a specific period

    The following are only available if you have set up our Webex or Zoom integrations.
  • Upcoming Meeting (Student)
    Occurs when a meeting is upcoming for the student
  • Upcoming Meeting (Instructor)
    Occurs when a meeting is upcoming for the instructor
  • Meeting Registered (Student)
    Occurs when a student is registered for an online meeting
  • Meeting Registered (Instructor)
    Occurs when an instructor is registered for an online meeting

For each trigger you can specify the Date Type (Day, Month, Year) and how many days, months, or years after the trigger you want to send the email notification. 

You can also specify which groups, courses, products, and learning content you want to either include or exclude for a specific email. This allows you to easily create one type of notification for a specific course and a completely seperate notification for a different course. 

Lastly at the bottom of the page an editor is provided where you can enter the Email Content.  A drop down of variables is show to the right that you can insert into your email. Depending on the type of trigger you have selected different variables will be shown. These variables will automatically be replaced as appropriate when your email is sent to each individual user. 

Common Uses

The email notifications feature was added based on feedback from our customers as well as to support marketing best practices.  In this section we will give you a quick overview of some useful recipes you can leverage on your site.

Abandoned Shopping Carts
It is very common for a user to come to a website and make it to the payment page and then decide to not complete their order. By using the abandoned shopping cart trigger you can easily set up your site to automatically email the user a day after their order is abandoned with an incentive (such as discount code) to encourage them to complete their purchase. 

Course Completion Expiration
For those that sell certifications that expire (such as those in the safety industry), this trigger can help remind their customers that their certifications are about to expire. This is a great way to re-engage existing customers and encourage them to repurchase training.  This trigger also supports both positive and negative periods. For example to send a email to a user 3 days before their course completion expires you would select the date type of days and enter a value of 3 under days.  If you wanted to send an email 3 days after their course completion expires you could do that by selecting the date type of days and entering a value of -3.  This way you can attempt to engage your user before their expirationd date was well as after. 

New User Registration
This trigger offers an easy way to welcome your customers after they create an account on the site. Many of our customers use this sort of feature to welcome their new customers, share more information about their company, and perhaps market specific products. By setting up an initial email to go out immediately as well as a second email to go out a week or so after the user signs up you can both welcome them immediately and then re-engage them automatically down the road. 

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