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Welcome (Part 2 of 5): Adding content to your products and courses

Adding content to your products and courses is fluid and easy. 

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your course content is complete and ready to upload into LearningCart. If you haven’t yet created content before, no problem. Course content can be almost anything! You can make a video on the computer or even using your phone. You can also use Google Slides or PowerPoint. 

Or, if you want to make course content with detailed tracking capabilities, you can convert your slides to SCORM content using other products, such as Articulate’s Presenter or iSpring’s free PPT to SCORM Converter. If you have existing HTML that you’d like to package up, we also offer a free HTML2SCORM tool (PC only).

Once your content is created and assembled, you are ready to begin creating your course on LearningCart. And, while we’re going to cover the basics here, you can also review the following:

Step 1: Add a Course

Log on to your admin area. If you need help, you’ll find instructions in the previous email or at the help docs, always available online.

To add a course:

  1. Select the Training section of the left navigation menu. 
  2. Then click Manage Courses.
  3. On the Manage Courses page, select the Add Course button located at the top of the list of existing courses. The Add Course page will load which will allow you to specify the detailed information about your course.

For a complete list of course settings, view the help doc online.


You’ll notice the option to add a certificate to the course, which may be important for offering continuing education credits, if applicable. But, even when not required, certificates are a great way to reward completers. To add a certificate and make it available for association to a course from the Add or Edit page for your course, go to the Training section of the main nav and click Manage Certificates. Detailed information about certificates is available on the help docs and a video tutorial is also available.

Step 2: Learning Content

Now you’ll want to add content to your course. First, you’ve got to upload it into the system.

  1. Select the Training section of the left navigation menu,
  2. Then click Content & Settings,
  3. On the Manage Learning Content page, select the Add LearningContent button located at the top of the list of existing courses. The Add Module page will load which will allow you to pick the type of content you’d like to create in the system, along with details describing it.
  4. Be sure to select the right type of module from the Content Type menu:
    LearningCart Content Type Menu
    The page will automatically refresh to show the appropriate fields to help you with your content. So, for example, if you select “Video” from the list, you’ll see fields for you to upload the video file as well as an image, which will be used as a thumbnail or static “poster” image for your video. You can also create course modules from any file in the list. So, if you want to use an existing PowerPoint presentation, select PowerPoint and then upload your file. A video walk-through about PowerPoint content modules is available too.
  5. Then complete the rest of the details about your module, click the “Add” button, and you’ll be ready to associate it with a course.
  6. So, go back to your course in the Manage Courses link within the Training section, select your course, and then associate the content module you just created. More information is also available in the help docs if you need it.

Step 3: Sell Your Course as a Product

Now that you have a course, you’ll want to specify it as a product for sale on your new website. Products are highly configurable and you can associate a single course with multiple products, packaging your content in different ways to appeal to your customers. We’re going to just cover the basics here:

  1. Click on the Storefront section from the main menu.
  2. Next, click on Manage Products.
  3. In the resulting page, Manage Products, you’ll see a sample product. If you click the Edit link in that product’s row in the Store Products table, you’ll get a good example of what a product might content for content.
  4. Let’s click the Add Product button, which will direct you to the Add Product page where you can add all of the details about your product. Once done, click the Add button to continue.
  5. The next page allows you to associate your product with different (one or multiple) categories within your site, pricing, and the associated courses or physical inventory items, and other specifications.

Once done, this product will be available for purchase on your new site. If you’d like a complete step-by-step walkthrough, there’s also a video tutorial available as well: 

Need Help?

And, as always, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you and we’re excited to see you grow!

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