Add a Course

To add a course, select the Manage Courses link from the Training section of the left navigation menu. On the Manage Courses page select the Add Course button located at the top of the list of existing courses.

The Add Course page will load which will allow you to specify the following information about your course.

Course Settings:

  • Title: The name of the course.
  • Course Identifier: The course identifier is a value that is only displayed to site administrators. The course identifier is shown next to the course title in key places to help administrators distinguish one course from another. This is especially helpful if some of your courses share similar names.
  • Complete In Order: When checked users are required to complete all items associated with this course in the order they are presented.
  • Certificate: The certificate that will be displayed when a customer completes this content. See Manage Certificates for more information on how to create a certificate.
  • CEUs, Course Level, Course Location, Additional Certificate Text: These fields are utilized to customize the certificate of completion with additional information about the course.
  • Sort Order: This field allows you to manually prioritize the order in which a course is presented. For example a course with a sort order of 1 will show before a course with a sort order of 2. When no sort order is specified then the default sort is alphabetical.
  • Course Administrators: Course Administrators (Customer Accounts) can view completion status on all users assigned to that course. Click in the Course Administrators field and select the Administrators (if any). To locate Customer Accounts, begin to type the first few letters of the customer last name and matches will display.
  • Badges: click in the Badges field and select the appropriate badge. If the badge you want does not exist in this list see the Manage Badges section of this document for more information on adding badges. Once you have selected the Badge, click the Save button to save your changes. To remove a Badge, click the X located next to the Badge.
  • Schedule Content Availability: Use these fields to control if your module will become active on a specific date or a specified number of days after enrollment. If these fields are blank, the content will be immediately available
    • Specific Date: The date you want the course to become available.
    • Number of Days After Enrollment: The number of days after the user enrolls that the course will become available.
  • Description: The course description that will appear below the course title when a user goes to view a course. The description field supports HTML and can be customized with images, links and text depending on your requirements.

Once you have entered the required information, click the Add button located at the bottom of the Add Course page to create your new course. Now you can associate content & products with the Course.

Course Content

To associate Course Content such as SCORM, Digital Files, Forms and Quizzes to your course, select the Course Content section on the page.

To add new Course Content, select the Add New Content button, select the Content type and enter the new Course Content information. See Add New Content for more information.

To add existing Course Content, select the Select Existing Content button and search for the Course Content you wish to add by clicking the 'select one' drop down and typing the content title.

When the desired content is located click the Add to Course button to add it to the course without changes.

Click the Edit Item button to edit the content before adding it to the course. After making your changes, click the Update button to save, then click the Return to Course button to return to the Course page.

Current Course Content:

As content is added it will appear in the current course content list.

To delete content from the course, locate the content item and click the Delete link. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to delete the content, click Cancel if you do not want to delete the content.

The Counts Toward Completion indicator can be also be edited for each content item. When this option is set to True the content must be completed by the customer in order to successfully complete the course. When set to False the content is optional and will not affect the customer’s completion status. To edit the indicator, click the Edit link and check the indicator box to set to True or uncheck the indicator to set to False. Click the Update link to save your changes.

To reorder the content, click on an item and drag it into the desired order. Click the Save Order button to save your changes.

Associated Products:

The Associated Products list displays all Products that are associated with this course.

To add the Course to an existing Product search for that Product by clicking the 'select one' drop down and typing the content title. Click the Add to Course button. The Product will now display in the Associated Products list.

To add a new Product - click on the Create New Product button. Complete the Product set up and click the Save button.

Close the pop up window. The Product you have created will now display in the Associated Products list.

To remove the course from a Product, click the Deactivate link. A confirmation message will popup. Click OK to disassociate the Product from the Course.

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