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The ‘My Account’ dashboard is your user’s profile account created when they register, place an order, or when an admin creates an account on their behalf. From this account, users can access any information that has been made available to them. There are three types of non-admin users in the LearningCart system.

An instructor can view the roster, update completion dates and scores, and access user completion reports for any assigned event.

Learner (Student)
A learner can view their trainings (completed, in progress and upcoming), manage their badges and profiles, and access their completion record and certificates. If turned on they can also upload external training completions for viewing on their public profile page.

Customer Admin / Manager
A customer admin account is automatically created when a user purchases training for users other than themselves. They have the ability to distribute those training seats by using the registration codes functionality and to run reports on users on those given users, including accessing course completion certificates.  

The user’s dashboard is dynamic based on their user type and group association and will populate the content and tiles appropriate to their role. 
Note: Some customers will have additional tiles based on custom functionality. 

Standard Dashboard Tiles 

Note: Icons and Text shown are out-of-the-box and can be changed to align with your brand standards.
My Training
Shown to anyone that has access to files / training.
The Training tile is where the user will access their current and upcoming course and course materials. There may be multiple courses if the user is registered for more than one course. 

Registration Codes
Shown to any user with access to registration codes. These can either be assigned by an admin OR if a user purchases multiple seats they have access to distribute these seats to users at any time. 
On the Registration Codes page, users will be able to access and manage their registration codes. Here they can view unused seats, assign students, emails students to register on their own, or bulk import a student list. 

User Progress Report
Shown to any user with permissions to report on other users – group admins, users that have assigned registration codes to another user, or instructors (for students in their classes).
Here is where a user will generate completion and progress reports. When running reports, drilling down into a user(s) transcript and accessing their completion certificates is also available. 

My Badges & Profile
Shown to any users that have earned badges, if enabled.
Profile – This will list the badges earned and also allow the user to upload any external training record(s) with their supporting file. Every user has the option to share their profile with others via the link at the top of the page.
Badges - Learners can access and share earned badges directly to social media from this Badge & Profile tile. Badges are optional and often used for gamification* purposes.

Shown to all users, if enabled.
The leaderboard will show the ranking of all learners within an assigned group based on what they have achieved (e.g. – logging in, commenting on a post, taking a course, quiz, etc). This tile is optional and often used for gamification* purposes. 

Instructor View
Shown to instructors only.
Only lists the classes and courses assigned to the instructor. Within this tile the instructor can see the roster of their class, note the score and completion record for any user, view pre-requisites status of users’ other course requirements, launch the training session (if virtual) and access the unique URL of the class instance to send out to users needing to register.

Course Completions & Certificates
Shown to any user that has completed a course.
Lists any courses completions including those that have generated certificates.

Order History
Shown to users who have made a purchase or for whom an admin has placed an order.
Within this tile, purchasers will have access to all orders placed. This is also where users will find outstanding invoices and purchase orders and be provided a link to make a payment.

Edit Your Account
Shown to all users.
This brings the user to a standard account settings page where they can update their user, billing, and shipping information, and accept terms of use.

*For more information on gamification in LearningCart, go to Gamification Features.

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