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System Security

LearningCart is a secure online platform that has undergone strict controls to ensure system security.

Unlike open source systems with a variety of “plugins” written by unknown developers, LearningCart is backed by the reputation of an organization with a long track record of success implementing complex web based solutions for large corporations. 

Most website security breaches are the product of poorly written code and/or known system exploits. Our developers are well versed in security and make sure to craft code that prevents common attacks such as SQL injection or XSS (cross site scripting). 

As a Certified Authorize.net developer our code, ecommerce transactions, and internal processes have been reviewed by Authorize.net (one of the world’s leading credit card processors) to ensure we are adhering to industry best practices.

Our servers and code undergo numerous PCI audits and scans each year to ensure that all credit card transactions and customer data we store is protected.

On the systems side, our servers are housed in a secure data center and located behind by a hardened firewall that closely monitors and filters traffic. The LearningCart integrated error reporting system alerts our team of any attempted attacks in real time so we can take appropriate action, such as continuing to monitor the failed attack or blocking the user from access upstream of the actual LearningCart system.