Identity Verification

Optimize Compliance

Do You Know Who Your Learners Really Are?

LearningCart is excited to introduce its new integrated identity verification system (IVS). With identity verification you can help better ensure that the students you are certifying are the same individuals actually completing the training.

In a post COVID world, delivering classroom training continues to be a challenge. At the same time, credentialing bodies and regulatory agencies are expressing concerns about verifying student's identities in an online setting. IVS helps bridge this gap by providing an automated process to verify a student's identity. The completely automated system does not require human intervention, which makes it extremely affordable compared to other solutions.

Here is how it works

  • When building a course in LearningCart you can specify which content item of the course will require IVS. You can require it before launching every piece of training content, or at key points such as starting the course or before taking a final exam.
  • When a user accesses a piece of training that requires IVS, LearningCart utilizes a proprietary database to automatically display questions regarding the user's identity.Only the student would know the answers to the question, such as "Which one of the following addresses is associated with you?" or "What are the first 3 digits of your social security number."
  • If the user correctly answers the questions in the time allowed they are able to proceed. If they incorrectly answer the questions then they are locked out from retrying for a predetermined time period.
  • For user's who cannot be automatically validated (such as international users) a seperate workflow is available to manually verify their identity.

Benefits of LearningCart IVS

  • Completely Automated
  • Cost Effective
  • Immediate Approval & Access for Students (24/7)
  • Addresses concerns of credentialing and regulatory agencies
  • Increases the value & accuracy of certifications

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