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LearningCart allows users to categorize their products using Categories and Subcategories. This can be useful for enabling customers to browse your product catalog, for creating discounts (see Manage Discount Codes), and for routing email notifications (see Subcategories below).

Adding a Category

To add a new Category, click Storefront > Store Categories and select ‘Add Category’.
A category can fall into two types: Store Category (used for tracking products) and Course Category (used for categorizing courses). Select the type and then enter the desired category name. Click ‘Add’.


To add a new subcategory, click Storefront > Store Categories and click ‘View Subcategories’ for the category you want to add a subcategory to. The Store Subcategories page will then load, click ‘Add Subcategory’. On the Add Subcategory page the following fields are editable:

  • Category: The category you want to add this subcategory to.
  • Subcategory: The name of the subcategory you want to add.
  • Email Notifications: Add the list of email addresses that should be notified when an order is placed for a product in this subcategory. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon.
  • Show in Search: When checked, this product will show in the product catalog / search
  • Subcategory Description: The description that will show at the top of the subcategory page in LearningCart for this subcategory. This is useful for providing more information about the types or products in this subcategory, or for general marketing purposes.

When adding a new subcategory, LearningCart will notify you if the product subcategory is not yet on your site navigation.

To add the subcategory to your site navigation, click the ‘add it now’ link shown on the confirmation page and you will be taken to the Pages & Navigation page.

Select the desired location for the product subcategory page.

Review the options selected and make any needed changes, then click ‘Add’ to complete adding the page.

Sort Order 

With LearningCart the standard sort order of products on the subcategory page is alphabetical. You can change the order using the product sort order field. The sort order field is located on the Advanced tab of the Product detail page. 

Enter the specific sort order number on each product that displays on the catalog. For example, if you would like the product to display first on the catalog page would be Sort Order = 1.

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