LearningCart makes it easy to sell your products, no matter if they are online training courses, webinars, classroom events, or physical products. Creating and managing your products is quick and easy. 

To add or edit new product select the Manage Products link from the Storefront section of the left navigation menu. You can then select the Add Product link in the top right-hand corner or select Edit next to the product you want to edit. 

For a comprehensive walk-through of adding a new product, see Building a Product.

Product Settings
For each product in LearningCart additional information can be added to provide further customization.

This information is accessible when editing a product or immediately after adding a product. The information is grouped underneath a series of tabs on the Edit Product page.

To complete the configuration of your product, simply click one of the following heading tabs:


The Categories tab controls what categories/subcategories a product will appear under. Expand this section for more information. Any product in the LearningCart system can be assigned to one or more category/subcategory combinations. You must add at least one category and subcategory to your product to complete the configuration of a product.

To add a product to a category, select the appropriate category from the drop-down list and then select the desired subcategory. Click the Add button to save your changes.

To remove a product from a category, click the Delete button next to the category association you want to remove in the Product Categories table.

For more information on creating categories see Managing Categories.


LearningCart allows you to assign multiple price points and events to a single product. Expand this section for more information. During set up of a new price / event, you will encounter the following fields:

Price Name: The name of the price that will be shown to users. It is recommended you use a descriptive name so users understand the option they are selecting (e.g. 1-month access, 6-months access, CD, DVD, etc.).
Unit Price: The price that will be charged.
Generate Registrations Codes: If this is a virtual product (e.g. a digital file or SCORM module), setting registration codes to “Yes” will allow the purchaser to purchase multiple seats for their users. Upon completing their purchase, the purchaser will gain access to a series of registration codes (1 registration code for every seat they purchased) that they can distribute to their users. These registration codes will allow users to visit the LearningCart site, create an account, and access the appropriate content. Note - if 1 unit is purchased it will automatically be assigned to the purchaser. If greater than 1 unit is purchased, all units will be provided as registration codes.
Recur for (months): For recurring billing, enter the number of months the charge should be billed after the initial billing. ( users only)
Trial Period (days): The number of days before a user is automatically billed. ( users only)
Duration (months): The number of months a user will have access to any content. Default value of 0 denotes unlimited access. Max: 240 months.
Instructors: Select instructors for this price/event. Instructors will be able to pull the event roster and mark users status as complete or change users score.
Available to Groups: When this field is not blank, this price will only be available for purchase to members of the selected group(s). If a user is not logged in, or not in that specific group the price will not be visible.
Place Purchasers in Groups: Customers that purchase this price will automatically be placed into the selected groups.
Event Start Date: The start date for this product event instance (typically used for On-site events and Webinars).
Event End Date: The end date for this product event instance (typically used for On-site events and Webinars).
Displayed Time Zone: The Time Zone displayed for this event in confirmation and registration email notifications.
Session Type: Denote as a classroom (in-person) or virtual event.
Join Link: Link shown to a user to join this event. 
Notes: Notes that will show when a user goes to view/launch this event.
Show on Calendar: When checked, this event will show on the main calendar on the front end of your LearningCart website.
Availability Start Date: Date this price will become available.
Availability End Date: Date this price will stop being available.
SKU: SKU number for tracking purposes, if applicable.
UPC: UPC number for tracking purposes, if applicable.
ISBN: ISBN number for tracking purposes, if applicable.
Tax Code: If this instance has a unique tax code, you will enter that here.
Control Inventory: This field allows you to control the number of units available. When set to Yes, only the specified quantity will be available. The default setting for this field is No. If a quantity is entered, it will decrement as units are purchased.
Select Price Location: Address of in-person event, if applicable. Use the drop down to select the event location.
Additional Product Details: This field can be used to provide additional information that will display on the order confirmation screen and email confirmation for customers that order this price. This can be helpful for including event information (Site location, Directions, Lodging information, Parking instructions etc.)


The Files/Courses tab controls what files and learning modules are associated with a product. Expand this section for more information. This tab is broken into two expandable subsections - Courses, and Product Files. Each one of these subsections can be clicked on to reveal additional options.

The Courses tab controls the courses a user has access to when they successfully complete an order of the selected product.

To add a course to this product, simply click in the Courses field and select the appropriate course(s). If the course you want does not appear in this list, see the Courses section for more information on adding new courses to the site. Once you have selected your courses, click ‘Save’.

To remove a course from this product, click the ‘X’ located next to the name of the course(s) you wish to remove. Click ‘Save’.

Product Files
The Product Files tab controls the files/links that are associated with a product. The following fields are editable:

File Type: File type specifies the type of file/link that you wish to add. You can select from the following options:

Additional Product Image: A product image is a supporting image that LearningCart will display to users on the product details page. Use this option to add additional images that the users can view when reviewing this product.
Default Product Image: A primary image is the default image file LearningCart will use for this product on the product details page or in the subcategory view.
Free File: Free files are available to users on the product details page and do not require purchase. Use this option to easily share additional information about a product such as a product brochure or PDF file.
Purchased File: Purchased files are digital files/links that are only available after a user has successfully purchased this product.

File Name: The title that will be shown to users when clicking on this file/link.
File Link: Use this field to input the URL of the link you want to use. Click the Browse link to locate files that are stored on the Server or to upload local files.

If you are adding a new file, click ‘Add File’ to save your changes. If you are adding a new link to a file, click ‘Add Link’ to save your changes.

To remove a product file, click ‘Delete’ next to the file/link that you want to remove from the Product Files table.

Please note, adding/removing a Course or File from the Product will affect all customers that currently have access to the product, as well customers that purchase the product in the future. This allows our clients to add new material (as it becomes available) to products that have previously been purchased.


The Advanced Setting section on the Advanced tab allows users several additional options frequently used for customized LearningCart installations. Expand this section for more information. In the Advanced Setting section you will see the following:

GoToWebinar Configuration – Step 1: You must configure a GoToWebinar App to use this feature - see GoToWebinar Integration. Once you have your App set up, click 'Click Here' to finish the configuration.
GoToWebinar Configuration – Step 2: The webinar URL can be found by logging into your GoToWebinar Account, clicking ‘My Webinars’, then clicking the name of your Webinar. On the webinar details page scroll down to the Registration URL and copy/paste it into this field.
Includes Membership: When checked, this product will be considered to include membership.
Apply Member Discount: When checked, the member discount will automatically be applied to this product for members. 
Redirect URL: The URL to redirect a customer to instead of showing them the standard product details screen. This can be useful to redirect users to a specific content page, or a completely different system in order to purchase specific products.
Shared: Allow this product to be shared across sub portals.
Hide from Search Engines: When checked, search engines are instructed to not show / index this page in search results. 
Require Customization: 
Limit to Single Quantity: When checked, a customer can only order a single quantity of this product in a single order. 
Auto Process: When an order is placed, if all the products have the Auto Process field checked the order will be marked as Processed instead of New. This can be desirable to help distinguish between orders that need fulfillment and orders that are delivered digitally.
Sort Order: This field can be used to override the default sort order of products (which is alpha-numeric).
Custom Field #: 

Deleting a Product

LearningCart allows deletion of products by navigating to Storefront > Manage Products and selecting 'Delete' next to the product you would like to delete.

When a product is deleted, it will no longer be available for purchase on your site. Any users who have purchased the product and whose access is not expired, will continue to be able to access the product until access expires.

Note: the Courses & Modules associated with that product must still be valid.


Subscriptions may be set up for products if you are using as your payment processor. The Automated Recurring Billing service must be set up on your account.

In LearningCart you will setup the product price for the subscription to recur for the specific number of months. Once that product price is purchased, will automatically process that transaction each month and report it back to LearningCart if successful. If an order fails to process does not notify LearningCart, but will automatically send you an email regarding the failure.

To set up an ongoing monthly subscription you would set the recur for months field for either 999 (indefinitely) or for just 11 months if you prefer for a 1 year subscription (the initial payment plus 11 additional months). would then run that charge each month as long as scheduled until the number of months set on the product price is reached or the card fails. Each month if the card fails - will email you so you can work with your Customer to update their payment method. If the card successfully processes, then each month will automatically notify the system and the transaction will show in LearningCart.

You could also use this feature to set up a payment plan. For example, if you wanted to provide 1 year of access but bill in 3 monthly installments you could set the product with a duration of 12 months and a recurring billing of 2 (the initial payment plus 2 additional recurrances).

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