In LearningCart, access to content is based on either a customer placing an order or an administrator placing an order on behalf of a customer. As orders are placed in the system, they can be tracked under the Orders section of the Storefront area found in the left-hand admin navigation menu.

From this page you can view orders that have been placed or create new orders. Along with basic filters for name and email, orders can be searched by status. The following status options are available:

  • All: All orders regardless of status
  • Abandoned: Orders where the user reached the checkout page but did not complete their order.
  • Cancelled: Orders that were cancelled by an Administrator.
  • Invoice: Orders that have been invoiced by an Administrator but not yet paid by the Customer.
  • New: New orders.
  • Pending: Orders that have been placed in pending status by an Administrator
  • Processed: Orders that have been fulfilled and placed in the processed status by an Administrator.
  • Purchase Order: Orders that have been placed with a payment method of Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order (Access Granted): Orders that have been placed with a payment method of Purchase Order and the internal value [AutoGrantAccessToPurchaseOrders] in LearningCart is set to allow immediate access to products purchased with a payment method of Purchase Order. See Internal Values for more details on adjusting internal values.

You can also search orders using a wildcard search with % delimiters.

After you have selected your filter criteria, click ‘Search’ to view your results. By default, orders are shown newest to oldest. You can click ‘Details’ next to any order to view more information.

The Order Details page allows you to review the details of an order such as payment information, customer details, general order information and order details. Additionally, the Order Details page allows Administrators to update an order status.

Creating an Order

Administrators can easily create orders for customers and process them using either a provided credit card, check, or grant a user complimentary access. 

To create an order as an administrator, go to Storefront > Orders > Create Order. You can then select the products you would like to order for the customer by checking the ‘Add to Cart’ checkbox and adjusting the Quantity field as desired. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add to Cart’. You will then be shown the items in your cart. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

If you would like to place the order for an existing customer, select the customer's name from the drop-down list that appears under Customer Name. Then click ‘Select Customer’. If you would like to place the order for a new customer, click ‘New Customer’. Both options will take you to the user profile page where you can update a current customer’s profile or add a new customer. When you have completed the customer information, click ‘Update User’.

At checkout, you will be shown the Payment Method page. You will notice that as an Administrator under Payment type you have the option to place an order using either a check or a purchase order (along with the standard credit card methods).

You can select your desired payment option and click Submit Order to process the order.

Payment Options

LearningCart can be configured to support standard credit card payments, purchase orders, invoicing, checks, and comp orders.

When creating an order on behalf of a customer, you will the standard credit card method payment options along with the following: 

Check: If you select Check, you can record an account number, account name and check number. Please note you will still need to deposit the check you receive for payment, but this feature allows you to record the details of the payment.
Purchase Order: If you select purchase order, you will enter the PO number. If your site is configured to allow immediate access to products for Purchase Order payment - the customer will immediately have access to the purchased products. Otherwise, the customer will not have access to the products until the status of the order has been updated from Purchase Order to Processed. The status can be updated using the Manage Orders function.
Comp Orders: You will also notice that as an Administrator you have a Comp Order button. When you click the Comp Order button no payment information is required and behind the scenes LearningCart will zero out the totals or your order since no money has changed hands. This feature is very useful for granting a customer access to a free demo, or for granting access to your internal team. The normal order processing logic will apply. The customer will receive a confirmation email and will automatically be granted access to any appropriate content and/or registration codes.
Invoice: When you click the Save as Invoice button, your order will be saved. The order will not be marked as Complete and the customer will NOT have access until the customer pays for it by visiting their Order History/Invoices page and selecting the Pay Now link. They can also view the Invoice if needed. Once the order is paid, the status will automatically update to New/Processed. An Order Confirmation email will not be sent until the Invoice is paid and the Status is updated to New/Processed.

Cancelling an Order

Marking an order as cancelled will remove it from all purchase reports and automatically suspend any user access that was based off that order. 

To cancel an order, go to Storefront > Orders in the admin left-hand navigation menu. On the Orders page you can use the filters to search for your order or simply browse the orders list. Find the order you want to cancel and click the corresponding ‘Details’ link.

The Order Details page will then load. Near the top of the Order Details page is an Order Status drop-down that will display the current order status. Select ‘Cancelled’ from the Order Status drop-down and then click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

If you need to issue a refund for the cancelled order, that must be done separately via your payment gateway. Both Authorize.net and Paypal allow you to easily login to your account, select a transaction, and issue a refund.

Changing an Order

Once an order has been placed you can manually change the quantity, price, shipping, or tax fields.

To make these changes, go to Storefront > Orders in the admin left-hand navigation menu. Then find the order you want to edit and click ‘Details’. 

On the details screen click ‘Edit’. You will then be able to make your desired updates. Click ‘Submit’ to save your changes.

Please note - these changes will display on the purchase report. Any additional financial charges or refunds will need to be processed separately via your payment processor.

Changes made will not affect access to registration codes or online/onsite course access.

Once submitted, an email will be sent to the Administrator providing a summary of the changes made.

Abandoned Orders

When a user creates an account, adds items to the cart and at the Payment Method page leaves the order, the information is stored as an Abandoned Order.

To view Abandoned Orders on the Manage Orders page, select orders with a status of Abandoned and search for the results.

Order Confirmation Emails

LearningCart offers flexibility on order confirmation emails to allow for optimal internal communication. 

When an order is placed an order confirmation can automatically be routed two different ways.

Order Confirmation for All Orders
To change the email address that is notified when any order on the site is placed, navigate to Configuration > Internal Values. Scroll to the CartOrderConfirmationEmail field and select ‘Edit Value’.

The Edit Internal Value page will then load, and you can then enter the email address you would like to have notified any time an order is placed. If you wish to use multiple email addresses, simply separate them by a semicolon. Click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

Order Confirmation by Product Subcategory
Order confirmations can be routed to specific lists of email addresses based on the subcategories of products present in an order. For example, if you create a subcategory of products called DVDs, you may want to notify your fulfillment department anytime an order comes in with a product in the DVD subcategory. The list of email addresses to be notified when a product from a given subcategory is ordered can be controlled by the Email Notifications field on the Manage Subcategories screen (Storefront > Store Categories > View Subcategories > Edit). 

To edit the order confirmation email, go to Website > General Settings > Templates & Page Fragments > Order Confirmation Page Fragment. Here you will see the email template for order confirmation emails. You can add any branding elements and adjust the messaging that appears at the top of the order confirmation. The actual details of the order are dynamically populated and cannot be adjusted. When you have finished making your edits, click 'Save'.

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