The Groups feature in LearningCart can be used to group together subsets of customers within LearningCart.  This can be useful for displaying specific messages or products to members of this group or for reporting purposes. 

A group can be assigned to a customer via the Manage Customers pages, when purchasing a specific Product Price, or when using the Customer Import feature.

To create a Group, under Manage Groups, click the Add Group button.

  • Group Name - Enter the Group Name
  • Inherit - When this box is checked, this Group will be automatically assigned to any users that utilize a registration code sent by a member of this group.
  • Priority - If a user is assigned to multiple groups, the user will see the logo and welcome message of the group with the lowest priority
  • Logo - If a specific logo is to display on the My Account page for this group, click Browse to locate and upload the logo.
  • Group High Score Board - When checked, Users in this group will only see other group members on their Leaderboard. This box must be checked in order for the Leaderboard to display.
  • Welcome Message - If you would like a custom Welcome Message to display for this group, enter the Welcome Message

Click Add to save your changes.

Group Administrators

Any customer account in the system can be designated as a group administrator. Once a Customer is identified as a Group Admin, several additional features are available.

  1. The Group Admin can view the User Completion Report for all users in the group.
  2. The Group Admin can use the User Completion Report details to view and print certificates of completion for users in the group.

To set a user up as a group administrator, click Manage Users > Customers and then find the appropriate account and click "details". Scroll down to the Customer Groups section.  When you click in that box you will see for each group there is an option that has "Admin" after the name. For example if you have a group named Students you will see there is an entry for "Students" as well as an entry for "Students Admin".  Select the option with "Admin" after the name and hit "Save". Your customer will then have admin access to the specified group(s). 

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