Manage Groups

The Groups feature in LearningCart can be used to identify and report on subsets of customers within LearningCart. The Groups feature can also be used to identify a customer "administrator" which grants additional access features to that user.

A group can be assigned to a customer via the Manage Customers pages, when purchasing a specific Product Price, or when using the Customer Import feature.

To create a Group, under Manage Groups, click the Add Group button.

Group Name - Enter the Group Name

Inherit - When this box is checked, this Group will be automatically assigned to any users that utilize a registration code sent by a member of this group.

Priority - If a user is assigned to multiple groups, the user will see the logo and welcome message of the group with the lowest priority

Logo - If a specific logo is to display on the My Account page for this group, click Browse to locate and upload the logo.

Group High Score Board - When checked, Users in this group will only see other group members on their Leaderboard. This box must be checked in order for the Leaderboard to display.

Welcome Message - If you would like a custom Welcome Message to display for this group, enter the Welcome Message

Click Add to save your changes.

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