Manage Customers

To edit/view a customer, select the Manage Customers link from the Manage Users section of the admin left navigation menu. The Manage Customers page will then load.

To add a customer, click the Add Customer button at the top of the page.

A variety of filters are located at the top of the page to assist you in locating the desired customer.

Once you have located the entry for the customer you want to view/edit click the Details link.

The Customer Details page will then load. Located near the top of this page are 4 links:

The Edit Customer Info link can be clicked on to edit any of the user’s profile information, including resetting their email address and password.

The Login History link displays the date and IP address for each login

The Activity Log link displays the date and type of activity for this user

The Export Customer Data link downloads a zip file containing all the stored Customer data in CSV format.

The zip file includes:

  • CMI Data
  • Order Data
  • Profile Data
  • Quiz Results
  • Transcript information

This page includes 3 tabs - Customer/Order Information, Customer Transcript and Content Access.

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