The Perfect LMS for Training Companies

Training companies have unique needs!

LearningCart addresses those needs with features that are tailored for the training business.

We are designed to work seamlessly with training companies, from deployment to sales and tracking. Below are just a few of LearningCart’s most popular features for Training Companies.

  • Sell Training, Content, Live Events, Physical Products + More

    From sales of training services to sales of content, event tickets, products, and more, LearningCart has what you need to build out your e-commerce website or sales portal.

    Your business is multifaceted and has many opportunities for sales. LearningCart can help you sell training modules, digital files, physical products, in-person events, webinars... and much more! Read More
  • Sell Multiple Seats or Individual Access

    LearningCart’s ability to scale up or down extends to individual and group sales.

    Your clients' needs are as unique as your company’s needs. Each event offers customization to meet the needs of your diverse client base. With LearningCart you can sell multiple seats or individual access. Your clients have options, maximizing your sales opportunities.
  • Customize Your Branding and Content

    LearningCart is the facilitator and platform for your Brand’s success.

    LearningCart was designed to be completely customizable and to work with your existing site, keeping your site’s control, look, and feel completely in your hands. Your customers will experience your LMS seamlessly, and your content and brand will always be the focus and the hero. Your LMS will be fully integrated into your company’s identity giving you complete control your site's branding, content, and user experience.
  • Bundle Modules and Content

    Bundling Modules and Content is easy in LearningCart and gives you the ability to sell your training in a variety of ways. Content can be shared between multiple products making it easy to load and maintain a complex content library without having to worry about creating duplicate content.
  • Control Access Duration

    LearningCart offers customizable Access Duration. LearningCart gives you access control to configure each purchase to automatically enforce a specific content access duration.
  • Track Users & Groups

    LearningCart’s robust reporting allows you to track users and groups. Knowing who is using your LMS and when is powerful data. Easily group, track, and report on users from our unified admin area.
  • Hosted Solution

    LearningCart is hassle-free. We handle maintaining the platform so you can focus on developing training. Like any good partner, we do our part effectively so that you can do your part effectively.
  • Flexible Discounts

    Deals! Deals! Deals! LearningCart gives you the power to offer bulk, one-time, or promotional discounts. Our system even supports member discounts on select products. We know that your needs and products change, so our platform offers flexibility that you can pass it on to your customers.
  • Certificates of Completion

    Give your clients customized certificates of completion! LearningCart gives you the ability to automatically make customizable certificates of completion available to course-completers.
  • Track Affiliate Sales

    Knowing where and how your sales happen, allows you to strategize your company’s growth. LearningCart offers tracking for conversions and order sources.
  • Plugins & Integrations

    LearningCart makes your life easier by giving you a completely customizable front office and back office integration.

    We, at LearningCart, created a smart platform whose front office and back office talks to each other — imagine that! There’s no reason to have to shuffle and reconcile two parts of the same team, that would be cumbersome and time-consuming. Right? We get it!

    We know that you have better things to do with your time, so we created a fully integrated system to make the whole process of running your LMS easier for you. Read More
  • Capture Feedback

    LearningCart’s Feedback Builder gets you answers.

    We love feedback at LearningCart! And we know you do too, so we created the feedback form builder feature. This allows you to capture valuable user feedback in order to expand or adjust your LMS. How cool is that? We think it’s pretty cool!

Additional Platform Features

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