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Event Management

When most people think of an LMS they only think of online-training. With LearningCart’s Event Management you can easily manage, sell, and track in-person events, webinars, video conferencing and classroom training.   LearningCart includes essential features such as location and seat tracking, the ability to generate post event certificates, the ability to assign multiple instructors to pull rosters,  track attendance, and fully manage your sessions. 

Event Management Features

  • Location Tracking/Management
  • Ability to restrict the number of seats available per location
  • Easily create multiple instances of events on different days with variable pricing
  • Integrated Events Calendar
  • Form builder to capture additional information from registrants (e.g. desired breakout sessions, lunch preferences)
  • Support for group or individual registration
  • Ability for admins to add customized notes per session for registrants
  • Certificate generation
  • Support for blended learning
  • Ability to designate instructors and co-hosts
  • Integration with a variety of webinar providers (Zoom, GoTo, WebEx, Teams, etc.)
  • Automated roster generation & detailed reports
  • Discounts codes, group pricing, and bulk discounts

Only LearningCart gives training organizations the ability to easily sell online training, digital downloads, physical products, virtual and in-person events from one system. For admins this means only one system to license, maintain, and manage. For end users this means the ability to easily access all your training products using a single account while being able to maintain a unified transcript of all their purchases and training.

Additional Platform Features

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