Selling Your Training

Welcome (Part 5 of 5): Selling your products and getting paid!

You’ve created a great product or products, now it’s time for you to get paid for your hard work. Before you sell your products online, we want to make sure that you’re set up to get paid! 💵

If your LearningCart site was not configured for you, the out of the box default setting will only allow customers to place orders using purchase orders. The site can be configured to allow either credit card or purchase order payment, or to require purchase order payment for orders above a specific dollar amount.

Credit Card Payments

In order to accept credit cards, you must configure your payment gateway settings.  

LearningCart supports accepting credit cards through, Stripe, PayPal (both Paypal Express & Payflow) and WorldPay.  Before you can configure your site to accept credit cards you must first sign up for an account with one of those services.

If you do not have an account you can easily sign up for or create a Stripe or PayPal account.

Once you have established an account you can then login to your LearningCart admin area and configure your payment gateway settings.

  1. On the left navigation menu, select Site Content/Site Settings
  2. Select the Payment Settings section
  3. Click the link to update your payment gateway settings
  4. From the Payment Gateway drop-down, select the payment gateway you wish to use.
    1. For you will need to provide your API Login ID, Transaction Key and MD5 Hash. For details on how to retrieve this information visit our Credentials page.
    2. For Stripe, you will need to provide your Transaction Key.
    3. For Paypal Express you will need to provide your PayPal API User Name, API Password, and PayPal Signature. For details on how to retrieve this information visit our PayPal Credentials page.
    4. For Paypal Pro you will need to create an app and provide the credentials for your app.
    5. For PayPal Pay Flow you will need to enter credentials.
    6. For Worldpay Direct XML you will need to enter your merchant id and XML password.
    7. For PaySimple you will need to enter your Username & API key
  5. You can then specify what card types your account is configured to accept. For more information on what card types your account supports, please contact your payment processor.
  6. Enter the payment gateway information then click the Test Gateway button to confirm the gateway is successfully configured.
  7. Click the Update button to save your changes.

We also have a video tutorial to help you get set up fast by following along: 

And, our online help is always available for quick reference: 

We’re excited to see what you build with LearningCart! 

Let us know how it’s going by sending an email to or calling us at +1-800-662-3702.

Need Help?

And, as always, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you and we’re excited to see you grow!

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