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We are excited you chose the LearningCart e-commerce platform and want to help you get started selling your courses! This guide covers some of the basic steps to accomplish that goal.Most tasks in the administrator guide will require you to access the admin portion of your LearningCart site.

Admin URL
The URL for your admin area was included in your welcome email, you can also manually navigate to it by going to

General Settings

To start configuring your site, in the admin navigate to Website > General settings.  The general settings page offers easy access to a number of options. Settings are presented as follows in a series of sections that can be expanded by clicking them. 

  • Site Settings
    This area controls basic settings like the name of your site, what email addresses are notified when orders are placed, your time zone, and other site-wide settings. Completing this section is a great first step towards setting up your site. 
  • Shipping Settings
    If you have physical products you will be selling this area lets you control how to generate real time shipping quotes for your products. If you aren't selling physical products you can skip this section. 
  • Email Template
    The email template section controls the template that all your emails and notifications will utilize. You can use the editor to customize how your emails will appear and include things like a logo or a footer. Keep in mind wherever you see [EmailContent] in the editor is where the system will automatically include whatever content is appropriate for the email being sent.  Use the "send test email" button to send yourself a test email and preview your changes.
  • Templates & Page Fragments
    LearningCart gives you complete control over your template. From this section you can access your page templates, and also control your page fragments. A page fragment in our system is a small part of the template that is shared across the site. By default you have page fragments that control key areas like your logo or page footer.  You can click on any of them listed in this area to begin customizing your site. 
  • Payment Settings
    Out of the box your LearningCart site is only configured to accept purchase orders. You can control your purchase order settings from this section or access the "payment gateway" page to setup your site to receive credit card payments. 
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