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Selling learning products is a snap on LearningCart. Whether its training, events, webinars, or physical inventory, LearningCart gives you all of the tools that you need to sell! sell! sell!

LearningCart provides all the e-commerce features you want and expect in a single, unified platform — and some that you don’t even know you want… yet. From coupons to bulk discounts, to course bundles, to the ability to purchase/manage multiple seats, chances are if you need it or want it that we already have it available out of the box.

We love our customers, and it makes us so proud when they say things like, “LearningCart solves complex problems in a way that makes sense; it’s not like other solutions that seem like they were made by developers for developers.” LearningCart is for everyone!

  • Sell Web Based Training

    At the heart of LearningCart is web-based training — a full-featured LMS. Of course, our all-in-one LMS, CMS, and e-commerce solutions does so much more because we’re cool like that, but our web-based training is our main event. LearningCart’s LMS is comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and customizable. LearningCart allows you to seamlessly create and sell access to your courses and content online. Your customers and users can immediately access it online in our system.
  • Sell In Person, Virtual & Live Events

    There are all kinds of learners and there are all kinds of learning. LearningCart is all about supporting you and selling your learning products. So, of course, LearningCart isn't just for self-paced training. Our platform can also be used to sell and track in-person, virtual, webinar, or live events. This includes advanced options such as managing locations, automatically restricting class-size, as well as controlling registration deadlines. Whatever you need to teach, we’ve got the tools to help you get it out there.
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  • Sell Physical Products

    Physical products are important resources for many learners. Sell physical products with features such as tracking available inventory, generating real-time UPS or FedEx shipping rates, and calculating appropriate state and local taxes. We get it: sometimes the best accessory to a course is a textbook or a laminated chart (or your awesome new T-shirt).
  • Purchase Individual or Group Access

    Sell access in a way that fits your program. For most of our clients, it's important that their users can easily purchase and manage one or more seats.

    No one wants to mess up a sale with a whole lot of tech support and complications! So we made it really easy. All that your users need to do is simply select how many seats they want to order and order them. Voila!

    Once they have their course access ordered, they have the ability to manage, distribute access to those seats, pull compliance reports, view users' progress, and even print out their users' certificates of completion for their records.
  • Affiliate Tracking & Analytics

    Numbers and data and metrics, oh yeah!

    LearningCart seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console & Analytics because we know how you like tracking site visits as well as conversions, order totals, and top-performing products – all from your existing Google Analytics account.

    LearningCart also works with any tracking, affiliate, or analytics platform that utilizes a JavaScript tracking snippet or tracking pixel. So, if you have great tracking software that uses a standard JavaScript integration, no problem! We can work with it.

    And, we have our own, built-in reporting, too. Out of the box, LearningCart can also natively track order sources, allowing you to easily report on what affiliate traffic ultimately is resulting in sales.
  • Flexible Catalog

    Presentation is a big part of any sale.

    LearningCart makes it easy for you to present your products in a way that works best for you and your unique audience. Create groups of categories/subcategories, allow users to filter by dates, locations, or content type. Regardless of what you are selling, LearningCart makes it easy for your users to find it.
  • Coupons & Discounts

    Whether it’s through product bundling, loyalty programs or special discounts, coupons and discounts successfully drive sales.

    LearningCart offers a variety of discount types including standard coupon codes, one-time use discounts, member discounts, and automatic bulk discount. Discounts can be restricted by product, category, minimum order amount, date and more!

    And really, who doesn’t love a good sale from time to time?!
  • Payment Gateways

    LearningCart integrates with a number of popular payment gateways (custom payment gateway integrations are also available). Out of the box we support:
    • Authorize.net
    • Braintree
    • Cybersource
    • Stripe
    • PayPal Express
    • PayPal Pro
    • PayPal Payflow
    • Worldpay
    • Paysimple
    • Mercado Pago
    • TouchNet
    • FIS
    • Telr
  • Robust Reporting

    New customers are frequently impressed at the level of reporting available in LearningCart. From tracking sales, to tracking completions, to keeping a complete audit log of user & admin activity – LearningCart tracks thousands of data points to help you be able to report on the data that matters to you. All of our reports are filterable by group and exportable to excel, making it easy to segment and share your data to gain even further insights.

Additional Platform Features

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