Content Builder vs. Quick Editor

LearningCart is built to be fully customizable. We offer two editor types based on your preference for a drag-and-drop tool (Content Builder) or an HTML editor (Quick Editor). 

Quick Editor

The LearningCart Quick Editor is based on the open source CKEditor project. The editor is designed to work much like a standard word processing program offering a variety of formatting options and features. For a complete user guide, please see
Sites built before 2022 have Quick Editor set as the default editor.

Content Builder

The LearningCart Content Builder is a WYSWYG editor built with countless templates and wireframes that will enable you to easily get your website site up with little to no HTML experience. We have created a video series that will walk you through the basics of the content builder as well as how the content builder can be used for specific areas of your website. 

Content Builder Video Series

If you run into specific issues, or have questions regarding use of the editors, please contact your LearningCart representative and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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