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Engage Your Users, Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Blogs have become an essential part of most successful websites – They provide an informal way to engage customers via content and the ability to receive feedback via comments. They are also great at increasing your search engine rankings by expanding the relevant content available on your site. LearningCart’s blog engine contains all the standard features you would expect in a blog engine, all integrated into the larger LearningCart platform.

  • Easy to use blog editor

    Easily create engaging content to help connect with your users as well as improve your search engine rankings.
  • Multi blog support

    Create as many different blogs as you would like – all within one LearningCart site.
  • Custom Templates

    By leveraging our broader template engine, the look and feel of your blog can be setup to exactly match your branding.
  • Commenting

    Allow users to comment on select topics as a way to help further engage your customers.
  • Tagging

    Blog Tagging with search – Make posts easily browsable by topic/tags. Great for increasing your search engine rankings!
  • Integrations

    Along with already being integrated into your broader LearningCart site, your blog can easily integrate with other industry leading tools like Google Analytics.
  • Single sign on/Unified Accounts

    One account lets your users comment on blogs, order products or access files.
  • Social media integration

    Easily share posts on social media.
  • Security

    Restrict access to certain groups of users or to users who have purchased specific products.

Additional Platform Features

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