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Configuring Zoom to communicate with LearningCart

In order to set up Zoom to communicate with LearningCart, you'll need to set up an OAuth app with Zoom. To do so, first navigate to this page: https://marketplace.zoom.us/

Once on that page, sign into your Zoom account. At the top of that page, there is a drop-down menu titled 'Develop'. Click that, then click Build App. From that page, you'll be taken to the first set up page, shown below.

Keep Admin-managed selected, and copy both the Client ID and Client Secret, as you'll need those later in the LearningCart Admin portal. Scroll down to the OAuth Information section of the page.

For the OAuth Redirect URL, and the Allow list, type your URL (including the https://) and then /admin/ZoomLogin.aspx at the end. You will also need to add that same URL to the Add Allow list, as well as your URL (including the https://) and /admin/ZoomSetup.aspx. Do not check either of the two check boxes.

You can skip the Features sections. Click directly into the Scope section. Click Add Scopes, and in the pop up, choose the following scopes:

Finally, click Manage in the top right corner, and you should see your app in the list of All Apps to verify it was created successfully.

Setting Up LearningCart

Now that you have the Zoom app set up, you'll need to set up LearningCart. From your Admin portal, click the Configuration link at the top right of the page. On that page, click the link for Online Meeting Provider. That page will list the Online Meeting Providers that LearningCart works with. Click Zoom. A pop-up window will open. In that window, you'll need to fill in the text boxes for Zoom Client ID and Zoom Client Secret. The Client Key and Client Secret will be the same that you copied down earlier. Once filled in, click Update. You will be redirected to Zoom and will be presented with a page that asks you to confirm that you want to give your account access to the app you made. Click Accept, and you should be redirected back to a LearningCart page confirming that set up is complete. You can now close that pop-up window, and the configuration is complete!

Using the Zoom integration feature

Now that you have Zoom set up, you can create and manage Zoom meetings from LearningCart. You'll first need to set up any Zoom user that will be hosting meetings with Instructor accounts in LearningCart. Information about setting up Instructors can be found here.

Add a Meeting
For a video tutorial on adding an Online Session, click here.

Adding an online session requires two key steps: adding a content item into your course and inputting the session details into your product. When you add a session content item into a course, you will select 'in-person event'. 

To add a Zoom meeting to a product session, navigate to the Prices / Events tab and select the desired event. Under Show Additional Fields > Additional Information you will see a Join Link and an option to ‘Add Zoom Meeting’.

When you click the link, a pop-up will appear prepopulated with the information from the session you are working in. 

  • Host: This dropdown will populate a list of Hosts from the Zoom account connected to the LearningCart site. If an instructor was assigned when creating the session and the instructor exists in Zoom, then this dropdown will automatically populate that instructor.
  • Subject: This will automatically populate with the Title of the session this meeting is being added to. 
  • Start Date / Time: This will automatically populate with the corresponding information provided in the session settings.
  • Meeting Duration (in minutes): This will automatically populate with the corresponding information provided in the session settings.
  • Time Zone: This will automatically populate with the corresponding information provided in the session settings.

Note: you cannot edit a host after the meeting has been created. If you wish to change the host of the meeting, you will need to delete the Zoom meeting and add a new Zoom meeting to the session.

Confirm the information, then click ‘Add Meeting’. A join link will be populated and automatically included in all denoted places throughout the system – email notifications for meeting reminders, user dashboards under 'My Training' for students to launch the meeting, and the instructor dashboard under 'Instructor View' to launch the meeting. 

Note: To add an online meeting, the session must already exist under Product > Prices / Events. You will not have the option to set up an online meeting when creating a new session. 

Edit / Update Meeting
To edit a Zoom meeting from LearningCart, you will click ‘Update Meeting’ under the Join Link within the session you wish to edit. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to change basic details of the meeting. 

When changes are made, a new join link is generated so you will have an opportunity within the meeting details pop-up window to resend notifications to the host as well as the students. 

Note: When a meeting is edited, a new join link is generated, and any join links distributed to a user prior to the edit will be inactive. 

Launch a Meeting
Instructor’s will be able to launch online meetings directly from their Instructor Dashboard. They will enter through the Instructor View tile, navigate to the correct session, then click ‘Launch’.

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