We Card

Solution highlights:

  • Integrated customer management and training management
  • Distributed learning with multiple tiers of learning management
  • Blended online and in-person training

We Card began as a small training and education program 22 years ago and has blossomed into a nationwide effort to prevent underage age-restricted product sales.

Its success so far has been phenomenal, becoming the premium organization operating in this space, distributing over a million “We Card” kits to retailers, and training nearly half a million retail employees to prevent illegal sales to minors. We Card has wide support, including Governors in 34 states who supported its We Card Awareness Month in 2016.

We Card’s mission requires national ubiquity, and easy, nimble delivery of important training through both in-person and online training portals across all retailers of age-restricted goods nationwide.

After an exhaustive search, We Card chose LearningCart as their lasting platform and partner.

As Doug Anderson, President of We Card explains, “Our online training has had several iterations.  We’ve used open-source technology to host and manage ourselves, and we’ve had various LMS providers host and serve our training. “

Despite trying a number of platforms, We Card felt they hadn’t yet found the right platform to meet their needs.

“We really wanted greater control and freedom to make changes on our own.  We also needed a cost-effective solution…..In our previous solutions, we had to rely on others to make simple edits to the customer-facing site as well as making updates in the admin area for a user.  This was time-consuming and costly.”

We Card selected LearningCart because its integrated admin area allowed them to easily make changes to their site and manage their customers and training.

As part of the implementation process, LearningCart worked with We Card to match We Card’s desired look and feel.  As Doug says, “In the end, our expectations were met, and we were happy with the results.”

We have a national audience and a variety of large organizations that we are now able to equip with a marketing voice and drive retail employees to our training.  We also have an easy to use tool that allows us to run promotions at a moment’s notice.

We had positive feedback from our customers and the best part is that we’ve recognized significant cost savings.  We’ve also noticed that we have fewer customer service issues.  We know that there are other features available with LearningCart that we have yet to use but plan to use in the future.  We anticipate that implementing those features… will provide even more time and cost savings.”

Doug Anderson
President, We Card

See what We Card and LearningCart have achieved together: www.WeCard.org

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