User Authentication

Native Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO)

We offer flexibility in user authentication.

LearningCart was designed to make it easy for your customers to register, and for you to manage them seeing all account information in one centralized location. To give our customers options, we support both Native Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO). 

Native Authentication

Out of the box, LearningCart uses native authentication for authenticating users. With native authentication, customers register and are authenticated all within our platform.

•  Easily add/remove profile fields on your registration form.
•  Support for admin-only profile fields to allow administrators to manage custom datapoints. 
•  Allows for varying password complexity rules.
•  Can be configured to use either username or email as a customer’s unique identifier.
•  Customers can self-register, have their account created by a manager/admin, or be assigned an account as part of a bulk import.
•  API Support – easily manage your customer accounts via our API. 

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO allows your customers to easily sign-in to LearningCart using their existing credentials. LearningCart supports single sign-on (SSO) by integrating with identity providers such as Active Directory, Azure, Salesforce, or your AMS.

•  Compatible with any platform that supports Oath / SAML.
•  Support for simple integrations with home-grown / custom systems.
•  Support for capturing additional registration / profile information.
•  Ability to assign product or group access based on SSO profile information (great for managing membership, segmenting customers, or assigning access based on job roles).
•  Support for Just in Time (JIT) provisioning of accounts for account creation originated within LearningCart or for bulk uploads.

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