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LearningCart includes a full featured content management system (CMS), allowing you to completely control your website. Frequently when you are getting started with our platform you will want to update the content on key pages such as the home page, as well as customize the navigation menu that users see.

Adding & Editing Website Content

To access the CMS portiono of the system, navigation to Website > Page & Navigation. You will be shown a tree that represents all the content and navigation items on your site.  To edit an item simply click on it. For other actions you will notice when you hover your cursor over an item a drop down icon shows to the right. Click the drop down icon or right click an item to access additional options. 

Editing Pages
To edit a page, simply click on it. A common place to start editing is with your home page. Simply click on "Home" to load an editor and begin making your changes. If you want to remove or move a page, just select the appropriate option from the from the popup menu. 

Adding New Pages
Adding a new page or menu item is easy. As outlined above, navigate to Website > Pages and Navigation. To add a new either right click on on an item or hover over it and select the drop down arrow that appears to the right.   The select "Add Subpage" to add a your new item. The system will then walk you through adding your new page. 

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