Thirtyone:eight is an independent, member-based safeguarding organization, inspired to 'speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable' as it says in Proverbs 31:8 from where the name originates. Their aim is to equip, empower and encourage everyone to help build safer spaces. They run a helpline, provide training (webinars, eLearning and in person) and carry out investigations for both member and non-member organizations, and provide extensive safeguarding information online via a member portal.

Thirtyone:eight needed an easy, branded, online system which would be user-friendly for those with limited online experience/ability. The system would need to handle purchasing, registering, and facilitating both webinars and on-demand training. It needed to be intuitive and clear, collating the least amount of data possible yet providing expansive information to trainers, administrators and tutors.

Top criteria for a new provider included:

  • Clear and obvious members’ rates enabling bookers to see their discount when booking.
  • Ability to purchase different training types and sessions in single purchase.
  • Ability for customers to register one or more attendees at the same time.  
  • Ability for customers/admins to view training history.
  • Ability to easily and securely take payment for training as part of the registration process.
  • Ability to offer website users the option to opt out of any or all cookies to comply with GDPR legislation.
  • Easy, efficient monitoring of attendance and certification management.
  • Ability for administrators to easily and quickly add/amend events.
  • Ability for administrators to view registration details to contact customers directly in case of change/cancellation of event.
  • Ability for remote trainers to co-present.

While researching UK companies, Thirtyone:eight felt that none could provide the seamless transition from website to booking, keeping their logo and ‘look’. Other processes were clunky and simply not user friendly. In their research they found that LearningCart was already providing a similar service to another large safeguarding charity and decided to make a direct approach. LearningCart was selected because they were approachable, adaptable and responsive.

“Our previous system limited us to booking 6 delegates on one course in each transaction. We were happy to discover the LearningCart platform which created much-improved features such as purchasing multiple products for multiple delegates on multiple dates as well as creating customer group specific events. Additionally, LearningCart allowed us to start creating e-learning courses and in the future use SCORM for even more flexibility and future proofing... the team have a strong 'can do ' attitude' and together with our website agency a cost-effective single sign on (SSO) solution was created so delegates only needed to logon with one set of credentials.” Chris Waddington, Head of IT, Thirtyone:eight.

“Working with the LearningCart team has been easy, and I have always received resolutions or helpful suggestions very quickly. Updates overall have been good for our end-user experience. I now feel very confident using LearningCart and think it is a very intuitive system.” Barbara Ball, Training Administrator, Thirtyone:eight.

“LearningCart took the time to question and research and therefore, understand what we do and why we do it.  It is rewarding to work with an organisation who recognises who we are.” Jill Raggert, Special Projects Manager, Thirtyone:eight. 

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