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Multiple Learning Sites
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Tremendous Growth Potential Through Infinite Scalability

The LearningCart Sub Portal feature allows you to easily manage multiple sites each with unique designs, products, courses, administrators, and URLs - all from a single location. Sub Portals can be targeted to a specific audience or customer creating a very personal, customer-centric and unique brand experience for your end users.

Connect with your next audience in 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose your URL
    Sub Portals can function as a branch of your current site or operate on a uniquely dedicated URL.
  2. Set your Template Design
    Each Sub Portal can have its own look and user experience or follow a parent-site template.

  3. Write your Content
    With your end user in mind, you can adapt your Sub Portal messaging to create a personalized brand experience.

  4. Assign your Products and Training Courses
    Sub Portals integrate with your master product and training course catalog while also allowing you to offer uniquely assigned products and courses to an individual Sub Portal.

  5. Customize your Configurations
    Every aspect of a Sub Portal can be customized from the payment gateway, course certificates and user management to the online-meeting provider and system-level messages.

All the benefits of multiple, custom, revenue-producing sites managed from a single location.

Client Use Cases

Custom Catalog for a Single Customer
Our clients utilize the Sub Portals to offer custom product catalogs/pricing to their large customers. This allows their customers to most efficiently manage internal training assignments, product purchases, and team involvement through a dedicated uniquely branded environment.

Global Customization
Our clients use Sub Portals to replicate their training sites for different countries, adjusting the language of the product and training course offerings, currency, and various country-specific tax and legal requirements.

Dedicated Demographics
Our clients create Sub Portals for a specific demographic or region of their audience so that they are targeting the individual needs at a more personal level and setting their brand apart from their competitors.

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