Solution highlights:

  • Sell combinations of digital training and physical products
  • Seamless migration of all legacy records, including customers, sales, and training progress
  • Flexible catalog search

Softball Excellence is a softball training and education company founded by Cindy Bristow, a world-renowned instructor, clinician, and author. Cindy formed Softball Excellence to realize her vision of providing the very best instructional information on every softball topic and skill to those aspiring and engaged in the sport. For players, coaches, and parents, Softball Excellence has become one of softball’s premier destinations – it is, simply put, the world’s largest online repository of softball related training.

Softball Excellence came to LearningCart having previously launched with another vendor. The new solution had to elegantly incorporate and address the following requirements and challenges.

  1. They had a large product catalog made up online training products, as well as physical products. Physical products required tax calculations, FedEx shipping calculations, as well as integration with a fulfillment center for order processing.
  2. They had an extensive database of existing customers and orders that absolutely had to be imported into the new system.
  3. With their large catalog, their customers needed a flexible search interface to allow them to easily browse products by keyword, category, skill type, or skill level.

Working within a tight deadline, LearningCart got Softball Excellence’s new system up and running, imported all of their legacy data, and even worked with them to create a brand new website design, all in the course of about a month.

Two years later, Softball Excellence relies exclusively on LearningCart to run their online storefront. They recently completed a “Phase 2” update of the site to enhance some of their membership and subscription options. On the horizon, Softball Excellence plans to expand their business with the help of several new features from LearningCart.

A satisfied customer is a returning customer and we, at LearningCart, are thrilled to be both Platform and Partner in Softball Excellence’s success.

Robin Pokoj of Softball Excellence says
"Although the transition to a new system has been an involved and complex process - Working with the LearningCart team has been great – they listen and they are very knowledgeable.  LearningCart is a good product that really works for us."

See what Softball Excellence has built with LearningCart:

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