Sensory Integration Education

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Sensory Integration Education is a not-for-profit company providing high quality, accredited training in Ayre’s Sensory Integration therapy to therapists, specialists, teachers and parents.

As Suzanne Leyland, Business Operations Manager recalls “We were looking for an LMS with a storefront that would be easy for a small business to manage, customize, and that had great customer support.  We came across LearningCart whilst while carrying out an extensive evaluation process.  It was very important to us that we could sell courses through the platform and this is where LearningCart stood out.  Many other systems that we looked at were targeted toward large educational bodies or corporations needing an in-house solution.  We had previously tried using Moodle but found it too difficult to manage."

LearningCart worked to deliver a solution that was completed integrated with Sensory Integration Education's existing membership management system and branded to exactly match their website.  The new system delivers a variety of certification courses, assessments, as well as virtual conference material.  

Suzanne Leyland Business Operations Manager says
“We’re now using LearningCart to deliver our postgraduate SI Modular Pathway courses and shorter introduction courses to thousands of therapists worldwide.  Our staff finds the Admin view quite intuitive and straightforward to use.  Our customers don’t even ‘notice’ LearningCart at all, as the site is completely branded for our organization.  They gain smooth access to the online course and all the feedback we receive is regarding the course content itself!  We’re now able to reach an international audience with online versions of our courses.  

LearningCart has delivered as promised.  We would definitely recommend LearningCart.”

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