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PCI Compliant Ecommerce Software

Your data is safe with LearningCart

The PCI standard is the "Payment Card Industry" standard for accepting credit card transactions. If you are a merchant of any size, that accepts credit cards, then you are required to comply with PCI Security Council standards.

LearningCart and the LearningCart hosted environment are both PCI compliant, having undergone PCI scans by multiple external vendors. We are experienced with the ongoing evolution of the PCI standard and take PCI compliance into account in both our development approach and internal processes.

PCI outlines a variety of security best practices that we adhere to to prevent common attack vectors such as SQL Injection, XSS (cross site scripting), or interception of user credit card or login information. Additionally PCI requires organizations to attest to their internal processes to ensure that card data is never put at risk during the course of business.

Along with obtaining certification of our systems, we have also worked with a variety of clients and their financial institutions to assist them with ensuring their ongoing PCI compliance and certification.

If you have any questions regarding PCI compliance we encourage you to contact us today.