Site Settings

The Site Settings Section includes email contact and Gamification setting details.

Email From Address: The email address you would like your notification emails to your customers to come from.

Order Confirmation Email: The email address to be notified of any new orders. You can also set up email addresses to be notified on orders within a specific subcategory on the subcategory page.

Blog Comment Email Address: The email address to be notified when new blog comments are submitted

New User Email Address: The email address to be notified when a new user creates an account

Website Page Title: Additional text that will be added at the end of each page title (on the browser tab)

Google Analytics ID: Your Google Analytics ID number

Member Discount Amount: The amount in decimal points that a member will receive as a discount on qualifying products.

Gamification Enabled: If set to Yes, the Leaderboard and Points Messages will be displayed on Users My Account page. If set to No, the Leaderboard will be hidden. Please note - you must edit Groups to display the Leaderboard as well.

Login Points: The number of points a user will receive for logging in each day. Used in conjunction with the Gamification setting.

Badges Enabled: If set to Yes, Badges can be created and added to courses. When a badge is added to a course the badge will appear upon successful completion of the course similar to the certificate functionality. Badges will appear on the users My Account /My Badges and Profile pages and can be shared on Social Media.

External Training Records Enabled: If set to Yes, users will be able to add external training records to their Profile and share those records on Social Media.

Time Zone: Select the time zone to be used on all areas of your site (except Reporting)

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