LearningCart provides a variety of different types of reports that allow you to easily track user progress and generate contact lists that can be used for marketing purposes.

All reports are run with the same process:
Select the desired filters and click the Search button. The report will display with a subset of the available data. Click the Export to Excel link to export a larger set of data to a CSV file.

Default LearningCart Reports

Access Expiration Report: The Expiration Report allows you to report on when customers’ access to content is set to expire.
Active Users Report: The active user report provides a list of all active users. The report can be filtered group and activity date range.
Customer Profile Report: this report allows you to report on customers that have registered in the system filtered by various criteria including creation date and last login date ranges.
Form Report: the form report displays the detailed data submitted on forms created.
Orders Report: This report allows you to review the financial details of orders placed on your site. 
Profile Change Report: this report tracks changes to First name, Last name and Email address on an account and can be filtered by specific date ranges and groups.
Registration/Access Report: this report lists which users currently have access to which products. It can be used to pull class rosters or check on enrollment. Filter criteria includes user, product, and order information such as email address, user status, product, price, order source and order start and end date ranges.
Quiz Response Report: this report shows each question in the selected quiz and how many times each answer has been selected. The report can be filtered by quiz and submission date range.
Registration Codes Report: this report shows the product, purchaser and registrant for each registration code that has been purchased. Filter criteria includes email address, product, group, and expiration date range.
SCORM Module Usage: The Module Usage Report tracks performance and utilization of your learning modules. Please note: minutes/avg minutes are only tracked for SCORM compliant training modules.
Training Completion Report: This report allows you to report on the completion status of Courses, Modules, and Quizzes.

Report Builder

The report builder allows you create detailed user reports based on user information, billing and shipping address information, product information, and order information.

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