Purchase Report

To access the Purchase Report report for a specific product, select the Manage Products link from the Storefront section of the administrative navigation menu.

Search for your product using the available selection criteria.

Click the Purchase Report link next to the product you wish to edit.

Select the Group by Order ID checkbox to group together information for orders with multiple line items.

The Purchase Report will automatically run and export a CSV file.

The Purchase Report file contains the following data:

- Order ID

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email Address

- Product Name

- Price Level

- Quantity

- Unit Price

- Computed Price

- Discount Amount

- Discount Code

- Tax

- Shipping

- Order Total

- Order Source

- Options

- Order Date

- Address 1, Address 2

- City

- State

- Province

- Zip

- Country

- Shipping Address 1, Shipping Address 2

- Shipping State

- Shipping Zip

- Shipping Country

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