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Any product in LearningCart can have one or more prices associated with it. At least one price must be added in order for a product to be orderable.

Multiple prices can be utilized to offer various product options (such as DVD or CD) or to offer different subscription options to users (e.g. 1 month access for $9.99 or 6 months access for $29.99). When a user purchases a product the pricing options you have configured are displayed for the user to select from via a drop down list. The default sort when multiple prices are entered is by event date (if entered) then by price name.

Bulk Discounts can also be set up for products. This feature allows you to set prices based on quantities ordered.

The following information is required when adding a new Product Price:

  • Price Name: The name of the price that will be shown to users. It is recommended you use a descriptive name so users understand the option they are selecting (e.g. 1 month access, 6 months access, CD, DVD, etc.).
  • Unit Price: The price that will be charged.
  • Generate Registration Codes: If this is a virtual product (e.g. a digital file or SCORM module) setting registration codes to “Yes” will allow the purchaser to purchase multiple seats for their users. Upon completing their purchase the purchaser will get access to a series of registration codes (1 registration code for every seat they purchased) that they can distribute to their users. These registration codes will allow users to visit the LearningCart site, create an account, and access the appropriate content. Note that if 1 unit is purchased it will automatically be assigned to the purchaser. If greater than 1 unit is purchased all the units will be provided as registration codes.
  • Recur (for months) - For recurring billing, enter the number of months the charge should be billed after the initial billing. ( users only)
  • Trial Period (days) - Enter the number of days before a user is automatically billed. ( users only)
  • Duration: For virtual products this specifies how many months the user will have access to the content. The default value is 0 which indicates unlimited access.

Click Show Additional fields to add the following optional fields:

Instructors and Grouping:

  • Instructors - Select instructors for this price/event. Instructors will be able to pull the event roster and mark users status as complete or change users score.
  • Available to Groups - If this field is not blank, the price will only be available for purchase to members of the selected groups. If a user is not logged in, or not in that specific group the price will not be visible.
  • Place Purchasers in Groups - Customers that purchase this price will automatically be added to the selected group or groups.

Date Information:

  • Event Start Date - Enter the Event Start Date (typically used for On Site events and Webinars)
  • Event End Date - Enter the Event End Date (typically used for On Site events and Webinars)
  • Availability Start Date -Date this price will be available on the site
  • Availability End Date - Date this price will no longer be available on the site

Product Control Information:

  • Control Inventory - This field allows you to control the number of units available. When set to Yes, only the specified quantity will be available. The default setting for this field is No. If a quantity is entered, it will decrement as units are purchased.
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • ISBN

Address Information:

  • Select Price Location - use the drop down to select the event location.

Additional Product Details: The information in this field will display on the Order Confirmation page & email for customers that order using this price. This can be helpful for including event information (Site location, Directions, Lodging information, Parking instructions etc.)

Click the Add Price button to add the new product price.

Bulk Discounts

The Bulk Discount feature allows you to set the price for a product based on quantities ordered. To create a Bulk Discount you must first add a Product and create a Price.

To add a bulk discount, from the Product Prices tab, select the Bulk Discounts link for the price the discounts will apply to.

Click the Add Discount button. Enter the Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity and the Price for that level and click the Add button.

To delete a price level on the Bulk Discount page, click Delete. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to delete the Pricing Level. Click Cancel to keep the Pricing Level.

When you have finished adding bulk discounts, click the Return to Product button and click the Save button on the Product Details tab to save your changes.

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