Paypal Pro Credentials

Beginning in 2018 the ability to accept credit cards via PayPal Pro has been restricted by PayPal. If you are not already using this service please use PayPal Payflow or PayPal Express instead.

To integrate with PayPal Pro you must have an active Paypal Pro account and have permissions to accept "Direct Credit Cards." You can check your account's Paypal permissions by logging in and then going to:

In order to link LearningCart to your Paypal account (and accept credit cards on your site) you need to setup an “App” by going to: and logging in with your PayPal account.

Once you login click Applications and then Create App and then follow the prompts. Once your App is created you can click on My Apps, select the App you created and click the Live tab. Under Live App Settings make sure the "Accept Payments" options is checked. If it is not check the box next to it and click save.

Scroll up and under Live API Credentials you can retrieve your Client ID and Secret.

Enter your Client ID and Secret into the LearningCart Payment Gateway Settings page in order to enable payments.

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