PayPal Pay Flow

LearningCart recommends that you create a specific account for processing payments from LearningCart to your PayPal Pay Flow gateway. To do so you can login at using your Paypal Payflow credentials. Under account administration select "Add User." You can then enter the basic information about this account and under Assign Privledges to User select "API_FULL_TRANSCTIONS" from the roles drop down.

One you have done that return to your LearningCart Payment Gateway Settings page and select "Payflow Pro" from the Payment Gateway drop down. 

You can then enter the credentials for the account you created. The required credentials are: 

  • User name
  • Password
  • Vendor (enter this field data into the Merchant login field on the LearningCart site)
  • Partner

By default Currency field should be set to USD to process transactions in US dollars. If you wish to use a different currency verify that the currency is available on your Paypal account and then enter the 3 letter currency code.

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