Other Advanced Options

The Advanced Setting section on the Advanced tab allows users a number of additional options frequently used for customized LearningCart installations.

For standard installations the follow fields may be useful:

  • Redirect URL: When provided, this is the URL that a user will be redirected to when attempting to view the details of a product. This can be useful to redirect users to a specific content page, or a completely different system in order to purchase specific products.
  • Require Customization
  • Limit to Single Quantity: When checked this field will allow users to only purchase a single quantity of a product.
  • Auto Process: When an order is placed if all the products have the Auto Process field checked the order will be marked as Processed instead of New. This can be desirable to help distinguish between orders that need fulfillment and orders that are delivered digitally.
  • Sort Order: This field can be used to override the default sort order of products (which is alpha-numeric).
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