Order Details

The Order Details page provides specific information about a customer order and allows you to print the page, view Customer and Order Details, extend or edit expiration dates, and resend the Order Confirmation.

To print the page, click the Print this Page link at the top of the page

To view Customer Details, click the View Customer Details link at the top of the page

The Order Details page includes several sections.

The Payment Information section lists:

Order Status: The current status of the order. To update the order status select the correct status and click the Update button.

Available statuses are - New, Abandoned, Cancelled, Pending and Processed.

Payment Type: Payment types include Comp - Complimentary Order, Purchase Order, Visa, Mastercard etc.

Card Number: For credit card payments, only the last 3 digits of the card will display.

Expiration Date: Credit card expiration date.

Name on Card: Credit card holder's name

Security Code: Credit card security code

Authorization Code: Credit card authorization code

The Customer Details section lists:

First Name: First name as entered on the Account page

Last Name: Last name as entered on the Account page

Email: Email address as entered on the Account page

Create Date: Date the account was created

Last Login: Date last logged in

Billing Address: Billing address as entered on the Account page

Shipping Address: Shipping address as entered on the Account page (if required)

The Order Information section lists:

Order ID: The Order Number

Order Date: Date the order was placed

Status: Current status of the Order.

Grand Total: Total amount of the order (Product total minus discount plus shipping & tax)

Discount: Discounted amount on this order.

Product Total: Total amount of the products on the order.

Shipping: Shipping charges

Tax: Tax calculated for this order

The Order Details section lists the specific items ordered and includes:

Order Detail ID: Identification number for the line item on the order

Product Name: Product name

Quantity ordered: Quantity ordered

Item Amount: Price charged for this item

Additional Information:

Expires: To extend or edit the expiration date, click edit, enter the new expiration date and click Update.

To resend the Order Confirmation email, click the Resend Order Email button at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation message that the email has been sent.

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