Order Confirmation Emails

When an order is placed an order confirmation can automatically be routed two different ways.

Order Confirmation for All Orders

To change the email address that is notified when any order on the site is placed, click Site Utilities located in the top right hand corner of the page and scroll down to the Internal Values section. Click the Edit Values button and scroll to the CartOrderConfirmationEmail field and click Edit Value link next to it.

The Edit Internal Value page will then load an you can then enter the email address you would like to have notified any time an order is placed. If you wish to use multiple email addresses, simply separate them by a semicolon. You can then click Update to save your changes.

Order Confirmation by Product Subcategory

Order confirmations can be routed to specific lists of email addresses based on the subcategories of products present in an order. For example, if you create a subcategory of products called DVDs you may want to notify your fulfillment department anytime an order comes in with a product in the DVD subcategory. The list of email addresses to be notified when a product in a given subcategory is ordered can be controlled by the Email Notifications field on the Manage Subcategories screen.

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