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Learning Content is the educational material associated with a course. Learning Content can be items like SCORM courses, Videos, PDF files, HTML content, and more! Generally LearningCart is adding as part of building a course, which walks you through the process of adding content. Your Learning Content however can also be accessed directly from the Manage Learning Content. To manage your content click the Add Content button at the top of the page or click Edit next to an existing item.  You will notice that under your list of existing Learning Content there is a link to Preview any existing content. 

When adding or editing content you will notice that the Content Type drop down allows you to select the type of content you want to add.  Depending on the type of content you select different fields will appear. For example when adding SCORM content you will be shown buttons to either upload or browse existing files. When adding HTML content however you will instead be shown an editor window to enter your desired HTML. 

Once you have selected the content type a window will popup to allow completion of the remaining fields:

  • Title: The name of the content.
  • Identifier: The identifier is a value that is only displayed to site administrators. The identifier is shown next to the course title in key places to help administrators distinguish one item from another. This is especially helpful if some of your items share similar names.
  • Launch File/Upload: Clicking Upload will allow you to upload your zipped SCORM package directly from your computer. Either drag/drop your zip file to the drag and drop area, or click the Browse button to browse your computer for the zip file. Once you select the file you wish to upload the upload will automatically begin and display a progress bar. Once completed LearningCart will automatically detect the name of the course and the launch file it should utilize.
  • Launch File/Browse: Content can be uploaded via FTP utilizing the credentials that were provided to you by your LearningCart representative. For large courses (100 mgs or greater) FTP is the preferred method of loading your course into LearningCart. Once loaded via FTP click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the content you want to use. After you select the folder that contains your content LearningCart will automatically detect the name of the course and the launch file it should utilize.
  • Upload Instructions (File Upload type only): Add instructions for the user. The instructions will display at the top of the upload page.
  • Module Content(HTML Content only): Add instructional content as an HTML page for this item.
  • Image: The image you want to associate with this course. This field is optional and is only supported for specific LearningCart templates.
  • Points: The number of points to be earned for completing content.
  • CEUsCourse LevelCourse Location, Additional Certificate Text: These fields are utilized to customize the certificate of completion with additional information about the course.
  • Free Module (SCORM type only): When checked, this content will be available to any registered customer on the site. The module will display on the "Free Content" page. The default status of this field is unchecked.
  • Certificate: The certificate that will be displayed when a customer completes this content. See Manage Certificates for more information on how to create a certificate.
  • Description: The description of the course. This information will be shown on the launch page.
  • Schedule Content Availability: Use these fields to control if your content will become active on a specific date or a specified number of days after enrollment. If these fields are blank, the content will be immediately available.
  • Specific Date: The date you want the course to become available.
  • Number of Days After Enrollment: The number of days after the customer enrolls that the course will become available.
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