In LearningCart an Instructor is a customer account that has permission to view/update customer progress and generate course rosters.

A customer account with Instructor permission will have access to the "Instructor View" icon on the My Account page. The Instructor will be able to view the roster and update completion date and score for the students registered in the assigned event (Product Price) The Instructor will also have access to the User Completion Report for all students registered for the assigned event.

Adding Instructors

To get started adding Instructors select Manage Instructors from the Manage Users section of the admin left navigation menu.

To Add a New Instructor click the Add Instructor button. If this instructor already has an account, begin to type the first few letters of the instructors last name to see matching accounts. If the instructor does not have an account click the Add New Account link to create one for them.

You can then configure the permissions available to this instructor.

Click the Add button to add this instructor.

Assigned Instances

Click this link to download a list of all assigned prices/instances for this Instructor.

Adding Product scheduling access

To select the products this instructor can schedule, place the cursor in the Products box and select the appropriate products from the drop down.

The Instructor will be able to add new events (prices) for the products added.

Associating Instructors

When you add or edit Product Prices in the future this instructor will now show under the instructors tab. You can select the instructor's name to associate this instructor with the desired price/instance.

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