Manage Forms

LearningCart provides an integrated form builder to allow you to easily build forms to capture general information on your website or client feedback on your courses.

To add or edit a new form, select Manage Forms from the Forms section of the admin left navigation menu. On the Form Manager page click the Add Form button or click Edit Form Details next to the form you want to update.

The Form page will load.

The following fields are editable:

  • Form Name: The name of the form you are adding..
  • Template: The content template you would like to use.
  • Allow Updates: When checked a customer's responses will be remembered and can be updated by them in the future.
  • Require Login: When checked a customer must be logged in to submit or view the form.
  • Single Submission: When checked a customer can only submit the form a single time.
  • Shared: When checked this form can be shared across courses. This means if you use the same form for multiple courses and wish to capture unique feedback for each course - you should uncheck this item.
  • Image: The image that will be shown next to the form if the form is part of a course.
  • Submit Button Text: The text that will be displayed on the button to submit the form.
  • Email Notification List: The list of users that will be notified when the form is submitted. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon.
  • Description: The description that will be shown next to the form when the form is part of a course.
  • Welcome Message: The message that will be shown at the top of the page when a customer views a form.
  • Form Thank You: The message that will be shown on the page when the customer submits a form.

If you want to allow only one submission for a course completion (ie. a feedback form) you should set the "Require Login" and "Single Submission" checkboxes on the form.

Once you have entered the required information, click the Add/Update button located at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

A notification will display at the top of the page - "You have added this form. You can now add form fields to it."

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