LearningCart provides an integrated form builder to allow you to easily build forms to capture general information on your website or client feedback on your courses.

To add a new form, navigate to Forms -> Manage Forms in the left-hand navigation menu of your LearningCart site. Click ‘Add Form’

Next you will complete the following form setting information:

Form Name: The name of the form you are adding.
Template: The content template you would like to use.
Allow Updates: When checked a customer's responses will be remembered and can be updated by them in the future.
Require Login*: When checked a customer must be logged in to submit or view the form.
Single Submission: When checked a customer can only submit the form a single time.
Shared: When checked this form can be shared across courses. This means if you use the same form for multiple courses and wish to capture unique feedback for each course - you should uncheck this item.
Points: You can choose to apply points for the completion of this form.
Image: The image that will be shown next to the form if the form is part of a course.
Submit Button Text: The text that will be displayed on the button to submit the form.
Email Notification List: The list of users that will be notified when the form is submitted. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon.
Description: The description that will be shown next to the form when the form is part of a course.
Welcome Message: The message that will be shown at the top of the page when a customer views a form.
Form Thank You: The message that will be shown on the page when the customer submits a form.

*If you want to allow only one submission for a course completion (ie. a feedback form) you should set the "Require Login" and "Single Submission" checkboxes on the form.

Once you have entered the required information, click ‘Add’ to save your changes. You can now add form fields to complete your form.

Embedding Forms

Forms can be embedded in both content pages or templates. To embed a form, use the format: where X is the ID of the form you want to embed.

The form tag supports the following additional parameters (optional)

  • titleTag: The heading tag to wrap the title of the form in (for example h1, h2, h3, h4, h5)
  • buttonClass: The css class to be applied to the submit button
  • submittedText: The text to show when the user submits the form. 

The following is an example of an embed with all the optional parameters populated: [form id=1 titleTag=h3 buttonClass=btn submittedText=submit]

Form Fields

To manage the fields shown as part of a form, navigate to Forms -> Manage Forms in the left-hand navigation menu of your LearningCart site. Click ‘Edit Form Fields’ next to the form you wish to edit.

To add a new form field, select the type of field you want to add from the Field Type drop down. You will then be prompted to enter additional information about this field. 

Field Type: The type of field you want to add to the form.
Field Name: The Name / Label that will be displayed for this field.
List: The list you want to use to populate this field. Click Manage List Data to add/edit available list data. 
Number of Columns: 
Insert “Select One” Option: When checked, an option to ‘Select One’ will automatically be added as the first option.
Required Field: When checked, a value must be entered into the field. 
Required Message: The message that will be shown if a user does not enter a value and the field is required.
Field Value: The value that will be shown in this field.
CSS Class: Allows advanced users to specify the CSS class they want associated with this field. 

Form List Data

Form List Data can be used to centrally manage lists of data. These lists can then be assigned to form fields such as drop-down lists, check boxes, or radio buttons.

To add a new list, select ‘Manage List Data’ then click ‘Add List Type’ and enter the name you would like to use for this list of data. 

To view and/or manage the list data, click ‘Manage List Data’ and select the desired list from the List Type drop down.

Once you have either created a new List Type or selected an existing one, the Current List Data table will appear. To add a new list option, click ‘Add List Item’. To delete or edit an existing List Item, select the Edit or Delete link next to the item in question.

Once you enter your desired responses click ‘Add Field’. As you add fields, they will automatically appear in the Form Field Data table listed below. You can then drag and drop items to put them in your desired order.

User Profile Form

Your LearningCart Customer Profile is powered by our form builder technology, making it easy to add/remove/customize profile fields.

To edit your Customer Profile, navigate to Forms -> Manage Forms in the left-hand navigation menu of your LearningCart site. On the Form Manager page click ‘Edit Form Details;’ located next to the form named Profile Form.

You will then be shown all the fields available on your customer profile. You can then Add/Edit Form fields like you would on any other form.

Some form fields in LearningCart are reserved, such as core information like First Name, Last Name, Email, or Billing and Shipping information. You will notice that the Edit and Delete button are not displayed next to these fields. To request changes to these fields please contact LearningCart Support.

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