Manage Calendar

LearningCart provides a Calendar feature which can be used to promote scheduled events and training.

To add an event to your calendar on the Site Content menu, click Manage Calendar.

Click the Add Event button

  • Site: If you have more than one LearningCart site, select the appropriate sites for this calendar entry, otherwise leave this section blank.
  • Event Date: Select the date for the event.
  • Event URL: Click the Browse link and select where the event entry should link to.
  • Event Title: Enter the Event Title. This will display on the Calendar on the Event Date.
  • Event Description: Enter the Event Description.

Click the Add button to save your entry.

Bulk Uploading Events

Click the Bulk Add Events button

On the Bulk Add Event Import page, select the appropriate sites for these calendar entries, otherwise leave this section blank.

Use the Download Template link to access the import template file.

Populate the file with the event date, event url (the product url), Title and Description

Once the file is saved, select the file and click the Import button to add the entries to your calendar.

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