In LearningCart, an administrator is someone who has been granted access to the admin portion of the site. 

Add an Administrator

From the left-hand navigation menu on the admin interface, go to Manage Users -> Admins. Click ‘Add Administrator’ and enter the corresponding information. 

To select access levels, hold down the Ctrl key and highlight the items you are granting access for. Holding down the Shift key while making your selections allows you to select multiple rows. After your selection, click ‘Add’ to save your changes and grant this user administrator access.

Activity History

For each admin a detailed record of their activity on the site is stored and useful for debugging as well as for auditing purposes. Admin activity history can be viewed using the Activity History feature. Navigate to Manage Users -> Admins then click ‘Activity History’ for the desired User. The Admin Activity window will pop up and display activity history for that user.

Admin Passwords

LearningCart allows you to force password reset upon next sign in. This is helpful for setting up new accounts where the user will be required to set their own password. This is also used by clients who have a password reset policy for existing admins. 

To set a required password reset, go to Manage Users -> Admins -> The admin needing the reset. Scroll down to Password Expiration and click ‘Require password change on next login’. 

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