GoToWebinar Configuration

Configuring the GoToWebinar feature

LearningCart is integrated with GoToWebinar to allow you to easily sell access to your GoToWebinar sessions. This feature does require that you currently have a subscription to GoToWebinar.

If you wish to use this feature you must first create a GoToWebinar app that will allow your LearningCart system to communicate with GoToWebinar's API. First you must register for a free Citrix Developer Account and follow the registration instructions. Once you are registered and logged in click the Add a new App button. You can then give your application a name, provide a brief description (eg App for registering GoToWebinar users) and then from the Product API list select GoToWebinar. For security you will also need to enter the URL of your LearningCart site. Then click the Create App button.

Once your application is created it will show in your list of apps. Click on the name of your app to view your Consumer Key/Consumer Secret. Copy the value of the Consumer Key.

Next access your LearningCart admin area. Click Site Utilities located in the top right hand corner of the page and scroll down to the Internal Values section. Click the Edit Values button and scroll to the Go2WebinarAPI field and click Edit Value link next to it. Enter the Consumer Key from your GoToWebinar app and then click Update to save your changes.

Utilizing the GoToWebinar feature

The first step in tying a product to a GoToWebinar session is to create your webinar on the GoToWebinar site.

Once you have created your GoToWebinar session, you can tie it to a product in LearningCart. To do so, on the Advanced tab (under Product Details), click the Login link in the GoToWebinar Configuration section. This will redirect you to GoToWebinar where you will need to login with your GoToWebinar account. Once you login you will be redirected back to LearningCart and the Enter URL/Key of Meeting field will now be enabled. Enter either the meeting URL or the meeting key in that field and click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

The next time a user purchases this product they will automatically be enrolled in your GoToWebinar session. GoToWebinar will automatically send them a meeting invite with a link to join the meeting, and the users first name, last name, and email address will show in your GoToWebinar account as an attendee.

We recommend that after configuring a product to be tied to a GoToWebinar session that you place a test order using Place Customer Order to ensure users are properly registered in the Webinar.

Additional Notes: The webinar URL can be found by logging into your GoToWebinarAccount, clicking My Webinars, then clicking the name of your Webinar and scrolling down to the Registration URL section. If you create a registration form please ensure that you only require first name, last name, and email address or LearningCart may not be able to properly register your attendee.

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