The Files/Courses tab controls what files and learning modules are associated with a product. This tab is broken into two expandable subsections - Courses, and Product Files. Each one of these subsections can be clicked on to reveal additional options.


The Courses tab controls the courses a user has access to when they successfully complete an order of the selected product.

To add a course to this product simply click in the Courses field and select the appropriate course(s). If the course you see does not exist in this list see the Manage Courses section of this document for more information on adding new courses to the site. Once you have selected your courses, click the Save button to save your changes.

To remove a course click the X located next to the name of the course(s) you wish to remove.

Click Save.

Product Files

The Product Files tab controls the files/links that are associated with a product. The following fields are editable:

  • File Type: File type specifies the type of file/link that you wish to add. You can select from the following options:
    • Free File: Free files are available to users on the product details page and do not require purchase. Use this option to easily share additional information about a product such as a product brochure or PDF file.
    • Primary Image: A primary image is the default image file LearningCart will use for this product on the product details page or in the subcategory view.
    • Product Image: A product image is a supporting image that LearningCart will display to users on the product details page. Use this option to add additional images that the users can view when reviewing this product.
    • Purchased File: Purchased files are digital files/links that are only available after a user has successfully purchased this product.
  • File Name: The title that will be shown to users when clicking on this file/link.
  • File: Use this field to select the file you want to use.
  • File Link: Use this field to input the URL of the link you want to use. Click the Browse link to locate files that are stored on the Server or to upload local files.

If you are adding a new file, click the Add File button to save your changes. If you are adding a new link to a file click the Add Link button to save your changes.

To remove a product file click the Delete link next to the file/link that you want to remove from the Product Files table.

Please note, adding/removing a Course, or File from the Product will affect all customers that currently have access to the product as well customers that purchase the product in the future. This allows our clients to add new material (as it becomes available) to products that have previously been purchased.

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