FTP is a great way to load either a single large file, or upload a number of files at once. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the standard for transferring files from one system to another - for example from your computer to our servers. Getting an FTP account in LearningCart is easy, from the admin simply click configuration and then select FTP Account information. If you have not created an account before you will be shown your login credentials. If you have created an account previously you will be shown your current credentials, but your password will be hidden. You can reset your password at any time. Please note that each LearningCart site has a single FTP account. Resetting the password will reset the password for your site.

File sizes over 250 megs are required to be uploaded to the LearningCart system via FTP due to file size. For file sizes smaller than this you can upload via FTP or through the platform's user interface.

Using an FTP Program

To upload files via FTP you will need a FTP program such as the free Filezilla client. Once you have installed Filezilla you can create a connect to your LearningCart site. The FTP Account Information page in LearningCart provides the neccesary information or you can view the walk through below.

  • Host: Enter the Host Name value displayed on the FTP account information page in LearningCart.
  • Username: Enter the User Name value displayed on the FTP account information page in LearningCart.
  • Password: Enter the Password value displayed on the FTP account information page in LearningCart.
  •  set this to "Require implicit FTP over TLS".

If you are unable to connect please verify the settings above and watch below to see how to configure these settings in FileZilla.

FTP Locations

When you connect via FTP you will notice you can begin to start uploading files. The folder you immediately connect to is always pointing to /LMSCourses which is where you can store any of your SCORM modules. Make sure to unzip your SCORM packages before uploading them.

When connected you will notice a Files folder. This folder is for protected digital files that are purchased. This maybe items like PDFs or Videos that are associated with a product or course and are only available after purchase.

Finally the Uploads folder is where you can upload any publicly available files. When you use the editor to create content pages or blog entries and browse for files the system will automatically look in this directory.

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