FTP Access

SCORM modules can often be large depending on the content.

When trying to upload a module that is larger than 200 MB, LearningCart will provide a prompt asking if you would like to use FTP.

To set up or retrieve FTP Credentials, select Site Utilities from the top right section of the Admin.

Scroll down to FTP Account Information and click the View Credentials button.

The FTP login information will display.

If you have lost access to your FTP password you may generate a new one by clicking the Reset Password button.

Please note:

Encryption must be set to Require Implicit FTP over TLS

When using FTP - the root folder is always pointing to /LMSCourses

This folder is for SCORM packages

The /Files folder is for protected digital files that are purchased

The /Uploads folder is for any general, public folders

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