Any product in LearningCart can have one or more prices associated with it. At least one price must be added for a product to be purchased by a customer.

Multiple prices can be utilized to offer various product options (such as digital access or a physical product) or to offer different subscription options to users (e.g., 1-month access for $9.99 or 6-months access for $29.99). When a user purchases a product, the pricing options you have configured are displayed for the user to select from via a drop-down list. The default sort when multiple prices are entered is by event date (if entered) then by price name.

Discount Codes

LearningCart supports the ability to create a variety of different types of discounts.

To add or delete discount codes, select Storefront > Discount Codes from the Admin left navigation menu. The current list of discount codes will be displayed. You can use the filter function to show only used or unused codes.

To export the list of codes, click ‘Export to Excel’.

To add a discount code, select ‘Add Discount Codes’ at the top of the page.
The following fields are editable in the Add Discounts page:

  • Type of Discount:
    • Discount on Product: Allows you to select a specific product to discount.
    • Discount on Category*: Allows you to select an entire category of products to discount.
    • Discount on Price: Allows you to select a specific Product Price to discount.
  • Randomly Generated: When set to “True” LearningCart will automatically generate the number of codes specified in the “Number of Codes” field. These codes are unique and can only be used a single time and applied to a single product in an order. When set to “False” the code you would like to create can be typed into the “Discount Code” field. This is the default option and great for when you want to generate a multi-use easy to remember discount code (e.g. 5OFF or SUMMERSALE) for use in promotions.
  • Discount Value: Select dollar amount or percent from the drop-down list.
  • Amount Off / Percent Off: The amount off the price for this discount code. If using a percentage, include the percentage sign (%).
  • Minimum Order Amount: If an amount is entered, only orders with a total above this amount will be eligible for the discount.
  • Start Date: The start date the discount code will become valid.
  • End Date: The date after which the discount code will no longer be valid.

*Please note - since a product can be put in multiple categories, which are not displayed to customers, many clients find it helpful to create Categories specifically for discounting purposes.

Once you have completed the required fields click ‘Create Discount Codes’ to create your discount code.

Additional Notes
 - Multiple-use discounts are calculated by applying the discount on a per-unit basis.
 - A Single-use dollar discount is applied only to the highest priced item in the order.
 - A Single-use percentage discount is applied to a single unit of the highest-value product in the order.
 - LearningCart does not allow Discount Stacking - if a customer also has a membership discount set up, additional discounts will not be applied.
 - For flexibility, our system will allow you to create multiple discounts using the same code.

Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts offer a great way to incentivize users to order multiple quantities of a product. When you add a Product Price to any LearningCart Product you will see a Bulk Discounts link listed next to each price. Next to the link, the number of bulk discounts that have been configured will also be shown. To add/modify/delete bulk discounts just click the Bulk Discounts link. You can then specify the minimum number of seats, the maximum number or seats, and the price you want to charge per seat. For example, if you wanted users to pay $9.99 per item if they order a quantity of 50 or less you would enter the Min Quantity of 1 and the Max Quantity of 50 and the Price of $9.99.  If you wanted to then configure a second tier where users who order 51-250 seats were only charged $5.95, you would then add a second bulk discount for a Min Quantity of 51 a Max Quantity of 250 and a Price of $5.95. When a user adds an item to their cart that has a bulk discount configured, the correct discount is automatically in their shopping cart. 

To create a bulk discount, you must first add a Product and create a Price. From the Prices / Events table in the desired product, select ‘Bulk Discounts’ for the price the discounts will apply to. Click ‘Add Discount’. Enter the Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity, and the Price per seat for that level and click ‘Add’.

To delete a bulk discount, navigate to the price / event that you need to adjust and click ‘Bulk Discounts’, choose the bulk discount you need to delete and click ‘Delete’. You will receive a confirmation message. Click ‘OK’ to delete the bulk discount. Click ‘Cancel’ to keep the bulk discount.

When you have finished adding and/or deleting bulk discounts, click ‘Return to Product’ and click ‘Save’ on the Product Details tab to save your changes.

Member Discounts

LearningCart can be configured to automatically grant member discounts to users that are considered members.

The member discount can be configured as a percentage discount (e.g. 10% off) that will automatically apply to qualifying products. Out of the box, the member discount is set to 0%. To change this, go to Website > General Settings > Site Settings. Locate the Member Discount Amount field. Enter the desired percentage for your member discount without the percentage sign. For example, to configure a member discount of 10% enter ’10’. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Once your member discount is configured, specify which products qualify for membership or a member discount. You will do this at the product level (Storefront > Products) under the product Advanced tab - Membership settings. 

To give a customer membership upon purchase, click the Includes Membership check box and then click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page. When a user purchases this product, they will now be considered a member for the Duration that was specified for the Price they purchased.

To set the product to automatically apply a member discount for active members, on the Advanced tab under Membership Settings, click the Apply Member Discount check box and then click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.

Please note that member discounts will only apply to future orders after a customer becomes a member. If a customer purchases membership AND a product that qualifies for a member discount at the same time, they will not receive a member discount for that product.

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