Customer Transcript

On the Customer Details page the Customer Transcript tab lists all content a customer has access to including their expiration date. This allows you to easily review the progress of a specific customer.

To manually change a customer's score, mark their attendance as complete (for in person events) or set the completion date and time click the Edit link next to the course item in question. A new window will load. You may then specify a customer's status, completion date and time or score. Click the Update button to save your changes. Click the Clear CMI Data button to remove all stored CMI data (SCORM modules only).

To add a Quiz Completion, locate the quiz item in the transcript and click the Add Completion link next to the Quiz. A popup window will load. You may then select the Quiz status, Submission Date & Time and Quiz Score and click the Update button.When the status is changed to passed a record will be added to the Quiz Response Report with the correct answers selected. 

Next to each quiz in the transcript you will also see a link to View Responses and view Quiz Submissions. Clicking View Reponses will pull up a report for that user indicating which responses they chose for each quiz question. Clicking Quiz Submissions will show you the dates the user attempted the quiz with the option to manually remove a submission. Removing a submission can be useful if you have setup your quiz to only allow a user X number of attempts. By removing a previous submission you can allow them the ability to then retake a quiz. 

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