Customer Information

The Customer/Order Information tab displays extensive information about the customer including assigned groups, registration code users & order history.

On this page, the User Status drop down can be used to update a user’s status.

The available User Status options are:

  • Active: an active user that has access to the site.
  • Inactive: a user whose account has been deactivated by an administrator.
  • Locked: a user whose account has automatically be locked due to suspicious activity.

To update a user’s status, select the appropriate value from the drop down list and then click the Update Status button.

If the User has no Order history or access to Products the Delete User button will display. When clicked a confirmation popup will appear. Click OK to permanently delete the User.

To impersonate a user, click the Impersonate User button. A new browser window will open allowing you to view the site logged in as the impersonated user.

The Customer Groups this user is assigned to will also display. To add groups, click inside the Customer Group name box and select the desired groups. To remove a group click the x on the Group name. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Assign Product to a Customer - To add access to a product without creation of an order. Select the product using the drop down list and click the Save button. Click OK on the Confirmation popup. An order will be completed at zero dollars for the customer. The payment type for the order will display "Import". The customer will also receive an order confirmation email. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Registration Code Users - If the customer has purchased multiple seats for a product and has sent out registration codes to specific users, this list will display the users that have completed registration. Clicking View User will take you to the profile page for that user.

Order History lists all the orders that this customer has purchased. Clicking on the Details link will load the Order Details page.

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