Customer Import

The Customer Import page allows you to import multiple customer orders and send a Welcome email message along with login credentials.

Payment of these orders must be processed separately.

The first step in the process is to create a file in a CSV format containing the fields listed in order:

First Name - First name

Last Name - Last name

Email - Email address

Password - if no password is entered, a system generated password will be sent to the user.

Group ID - if the user should be part of a group, enter the Group ID. If Group ID is not used, leave this column blank.

Price ID - enter the Price ID for the Product. If you wish to include access to multiple products, create new rows for those products.

Cost - enter the Product price for this order.

There is a 250 row limit for the file.

On the Customer Import page, click the + to select your CSV file.

Send Welcome Email - if you would like to send a Welcome email message, select Yes.

Email Subject - enter the email subject

Additional Text - enter any additional text you would like to include in the Welcome email message.

Click the Import button.

A confirmation that your file has been imported successfully displays.

The customer account will be created (or updated if the email address already exists in LearningCart) and the product price access granted.

A zero dollar order will also be attached to that account.

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