Importing Customers

To import or create new customer accounts navigation to Customers under Manage Users in the admin left hand navigation menu. 

In the top right hand corner you will then see an option to Add Customer or Import Customers

Adding a customer will allow you to simpy fill out a user profile form for a new customer account. If you want to setup one or more customers with an account and with access to training, instead select Import Customers. 

On the Customer Import page you will see a drop down menu for Import Type. If you have a large number of users to import you can select CSV and then import a CSV file of your new users. 

  • CSV Imports
    • The first step in the process is to create a file in a CSV format containing the following fields listed in order (up to 250 rows):
    • First Name - First name
    • Last Name - Last name
    • Email - Email address
    • Password - if no password is entered, a system generated password will be sent to the user.
    • Group ID - if the user should be part of a group, enter the Group ID. If Group ID is not used, leave this column blank.
    • Price ID - enter the Price ID for the Product. This can be found on the Product Details page. If you wish to include access to multiple products, create new rows for those products.
    • Cost - enter the Product price for this order 
  • Entering User Information
    If you prefer to enter your user information you can select Enter User Information from the Import Type drop down.  You can then enter the first name, last name, email and password for each one of your users and select your desired group and product to assign. To add more than one user simply click the Add Another User button. 

Once you have either entered your users or selected the CSV file you want to use, below you can specify if you want to automatically notify the new users via email or if you want no email to be sent.  Click the Import button at the bottom of the page to process your request. 

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